Video Marketing 🔥 Which is the best seo tool for Youtube?

How To Promote Youtube Videos? Which is the best seo tool for Youtube?

Introduction To YouTube SEO
Video content is an unrivaled tool when it comes to telling a story to the masses, and it’s only growing in popularity as more advanced technology continues to hit the market.

Human beings have pretty much always enjoyed — sometimes even relied on — video content. Fun fact: movies helped pull us out of the Great Depression.

Video has only become more common (Hello, Internet!), useful, and better-produced since then. Today, YouTube is accessible in just seconds to anyone from nearly anywhere in the world.

But now, with so many people uploading video to the web and all the video content that is already living on the internet — increasing drastically in volume every day — how can marketers get their content to stand out against “the other guys?”

1. Identify Target Keywords
Like optimizing a webpage for Google, optimizing a video for YouTube’s search results begins with keyword research.

By prioritizing this step of the YouTube SEO process you can ensure you’re creating and optimizing content people are actually looking for.

2. Understanding YouTube SEO Ranking Factors
The first thing to understand about optimizing videos is YouTube has two algorithms.

There’s the recommendation algorithm, which ranks content on YouTube’s home page and suggested videos sections.

And there’s the search algorithm, which ranks content in YouTube’s search results.

YouTube Search Ranking Factors
YouTube’s search algorithm prioritizes these four factors when ranking videos in search results:

Relevance: Include factors such as the title, hashtags, description, and video content itself.
Engagement: Includes factors such as likes, subscribes, comments, turning on notifications, and watch time.
Quality: Includes signals that can help determine which channels demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness on a given topic.
Personalization: YouTube tries to find the most relevant results for each user by taking into account a user’s search and watch history.

3. Putting YouTube SEO Into Practice
There’s a reason why YouTube lets users manually input a title, description, and tags, as well as choose an optimal video thumbnail and add the new video to a playlist.

It’s all about making it easy for your audience to find you.

All those options should be utilized from the first time the video is uploaded, with the exception of maybe adding it to a playlist – that can wait until the appropriate playlist(s) is created, adding even more visibility to your video.

Use keywords to focus on user intent and how those keywords match up with what the video content actually offers users.

Don’t worry about adding brand names to your titles (that’s usually already the channel name anyway). Focus on the important elements.

Like your title, your description contains keywords, reflects the content in the video, and is one of the first things a user sees.

Remember that you’re constructing a description of the video, not an advertisement or promotion.

A quality description has more details than a title, but shouldn’t be too long.

Your description should entice a user to watch the video because the information given leads the person to believe the video was something they were looking for.

The description should also include at least one link, typically back to the brand website, perhaps to a page specific to the content in the video.

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