Make Money With CPA Marketing 100% Free Traffic Method

CPA Marketing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. In this CPA Marketing Tutorial that will be helpful for beginners who want to start making money with cpa marketing. I promote Cpalead products all the time along with other networks and I want to show you how to do exactly the same.

So, if you are looking to make money with Cpa marketing make sure you watch this entire post and don’t skip any steps so you can put it all together after watching the post

what’s up guys in this Post I’m going to be teaching you guys how you can promote CPA offer legitimately and make money very fast using this brand new strategy I’m going to be teaching you in this Post as you can see on my screen I’ve generated 521 US dollar just by implementing this particular strategy so let me go ahead and refresh this page for those of you guys that may be thinking this is fake this is legit of course

so as you can see on the screen the money is still in touch nothing has changed the value still remain 521 United States dollars so just within two days I was able to pull my revenue from 815 dollars to now 1234 US dollar so do not worry because I’m going to be taking this Post step by step even if you’re a total beginner and you’re just watching this Post for the first time if you follow this Post till the end and don’t skip any part you’re going to be able to implement the same strategy and get the same original so

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How Do I Promote

step number one the first thing you are going to do is to verify the traffic source that you want to share your CPA offer and there are two things you must do to verify the traffic Source One Is The Domain Authority as you can see on the screen the domain authority of the traffic Source .

you want to promote your CPA offer must be greater than 30 okay so number two in the list of verifying your traffic Source before start promoting CPA offer or before you can start promoting CPA offer with that particular traffic source is the monthly traffic visit so make sure that the monthly traffic visit of this website must be higher than 20 000 okay anything less than that take note this is not the best traffic source for you to promote your CPA offer to verify a domain Authority visit website this will help you to check what is the da of this particular website as you can see on the screen this particular website okay is getting da of 47 and the page Authority is 51.

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of course we are interested in the domain Authority which is a day and as you can see this da value is higher than 30 which is 47. for us to be able to verify the monthly traffic visit on this website you have to obviously similar web and similar web will help you to analyze how much traffic a particular website is generating monthly if you come down right here you’re going to see the total visit per month of this particular website is is 331 000 visit every single month let’s look at the top country that is sending this massive traffic to this particular website number one in the list is United States. BEST CPA website

as you can see on the screen and the second one is India followed by this country right over here Canada and so on okay so if you are able to verify all these things then it is not time for you to go and pick offer that you want to promote so this is to tell you that we can comfortably promote our CPA offer for United States so let’s go to the CPA offer and pick offer that we want to promote number two go to your dashboard and screw down a bit you are going to see recently added offer and top performing offers step number three is to pick offer that is paying higher payout go ahead and click on it for example once you click on this offer you going to wait a bit and then you can see that only desktop users can take action and complete survey that you’ll be able to get conversion on this particular offer and once that is done you’re going to be making 8.21 okay and they’re going to provide in or submitting credit card details.

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so go ahead and pick this offer like this okay I’ll choose this domain name and I’ll scroll down a bit so you can be able to get the URL so you click on the copy URL and go straight to your notepad so once your notepad just paste the URL like this pick at least five different offers and once you’re able to pick five offers like this then you’re going to create a landing page like this one and once you are able to create a landing page like this one go ahead and grab all the offers that you pick and bring them and place them in your landing page step number four you have to visit post as you can see on the screen.

I’ll go ahead and leave a link to this particular job sites in the description of this Post as well in the comment section so you can easily get access to the URL where the correct URL okay of course if you cannot find this URL leave a comment comment section and I’m going to send it to you across now once you’re on this website the what you’re going to do is to click on post job and once you click on post job then exactly this is what you are going to see write a description job title and post your job before you post your job make sure you copy your landing page URL like this and paste it right here in the description and then go ahead and click on post a job okay.

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make sure that you specify which states that you want okay if you want United State you can go ahead and type that USA okay so you need job to come from United States okay all the job Seekers must come from United States that way you’ll be able to get conversion massively now let me show you good example of the kind of description and the job title you can publish on this particular website.

if you visit this website you’re going to see samples of job offers that people are posting on this same website all you can do is to go ahead and copy this job description on the screen like this and come back here and paste it in the description then go ahead and copy the URL your landing page come back here and place that in the description and then go ahead and write a job title briefly and then click on post a job

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