Instant Google AdSense Approval on Your DOMAIN

Instant google adsense approval. In this post, i teach you how to get google adsense approval fast.

If you want Google Adsense approval  on your domain. So see this post in full as a review of the same website. This is a brand new blog on domain. And Google AdSense’s template in upproval is also like this, it is not of premium level. There is a template that retracts on top of another website. In other words, there is a template that violates privacy and Google Adsense approval has been found on it.

Only 13 articles have been approved by Google Adsense, so let’s do a complete review. So let’s go to your computer screen and see how many words there are in this article. A to Z tells you how the article is structured, which images, which pages are used. Go to your computer screen, but before that, I will say one thing. Which tells you in every video, if there is a new video on the channel, subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon so that the latest videos can reach you.

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First of all, you will see the Google Adsense approval email here. And on the side, you are seeing Google search traffic, only 20 clicks above Google Adsense approval. 20 clicks have come through Google search and Google Adsense approval has been found here on the side. Google Adsense is a free domain add within Google Adsense. So let’s see the full review, what is the data on the computer screen, what is the article, how to write A to Z. So here is our blog, so first of all, please give us a shout. It had a free domain with and before that there was a video e inside which was a domain with inside which was a free domain e. It had a free domain with and before that there was a video e inside which was a domain with inside which was a free domain.

Adds the Google also below adds the Google and here also ads the Google means that Google Adsense adds are coming here. A to Z has started to tell you which template it is. So dude, you have to watch the whole video and not skip it, which template has been used here, how many words are the articles from A to Z, please let me know. Adds are also coming inside the footer and look here on the side also add are coming And add is coming on the top too,

So let me show you here in your blogger platform, there are total 13 articles here. Google AdSense has been approved above 13, so the first article was written here on June 19. In which there were 280 views. And the current list articles here are the list articles of September 28. Now the work that will be done again is in front of you, i.e. 13 articles have been approved by Google Adsense. Traffic should be shown to you within the site.Today’s traffic is 21. Yesterday traffic is 18 and this month skill two days ago total traffic 47 this month . There is a total traffic of 1241, which means there is a total traffic of 2355 in such a short time.

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That is, the traffic is 2k, on which Google Adsense has been approved, that is, the traffic does not matter. You may be thinking that traffic does not matter, traffic matters whether it comes from Google, whether it comes from 50 traffic or 20 page views. Whether traffic of 50, 100 or 2 thousand comes. No matter how much pageviews you get, the traffic you will get from Google is low. 70% to 60% of the 100% will come from a Google search. So you will get 100% and 1% approval. The most traffic here is through Google, through Bine and then through Instagram and so on.

But what is more is that it has come through Google, that is the reason why you have got approval. There are 16 SEO templates that have been approved. And after that, talking about the setting, here is the title and here is a little description of 150 words. And after that you should be shown here there is no custom domain add. Free .blogspot .com is a domain that has been approved by Adsense. HTTPS has been redacted here and shown here by lowering the app echo. I am telling you the same setting that happened on my blog because it also happened from the same. Here is the enable search which was a description of 150 words which you found at the top. After that enable is the custom lens.txt followed by the adsne code after getting the approval.

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So that you don’t get an error, you don’t get an error on Erning. Now, by opening any blog, how many words are there in the article and how many images are there? Here you can see the title by opening the article. Then the image comes, then a paragraph comes, then the sub-heading. Subheading followed by paragraph followed by add comes from Google. After that some points are written followed by subheading then paragraph then image. Subordinating Picture Paragraphs Subordinating Picture Paragraphs. Subordinating Picture Paragraphs. That is, the most subordinating picture paragraph has been used. This is how you get approval, it’s not like you are taking a picture from Google, so edit it a little. This is how you get approval, it’s not like you are taking a picture from Google, so edit it a little. If you are seeing adds even inside the footer, then look here adds the Google. Here the picture will come.Distributor by Blogger Theme Dolpur.

These are 16 template themes, it is also being redacted, but still it has been approved by Adsense. See Restructuring 16 within the template ie on top of the website with the template which is its own template. Redirecting, still the approval is mixed on such a template. Look, this is an article of more than a thousand words. You have to write in the same way, then you get promotion on so few articles. Fashion and health are the two categories here. And see here About us , contact, Disclairmer, privacy policy . These are four pages if you want to show them within the pages.

These four pages are created here. About us , contact, Disclairmer, privacy policy . If you don’t want to create pages, then you have to go to my channel, subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon. Here is a search for Crate Pages. Here are the videos of making pages. You can make pages by watching them here. There are two add links here, one for Facebook and one for Pinterest.If you want to do it, do it and there is nothing else. If you don’t do it, there is no problem. Pages have been added here in the footer as well. I hope if you like the video please like it and if you also want to review your website.

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