How To Make Money from Google News $100+ Every Day For FREE

In this Post, I’ll we explore how to make money from Google News to easily earn $100 daily. The first thing you must do to use this strategy is to open Google. After doing that, enter “Google News.” After typing “Google News,” select the first result that appears because it is the official Google News website; simply click on it. You’re going to use this website to obtain news that you can then sell to websites that publish articles, and Google News is a website that refreshes several times every hour.

earn $1000 per day from google news

The premise of this Post is that you will use artificial intelligence to completely rewrite the article for you, and then you will sell it to other businesses. Why would businesses spend so much money on nothing? First of all, they are paying for an article; they are not paying for anything. Is this even permitted? is the second question. Yes, it is legitimate in the response.

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It’s a job like any other job. On the internet, some writers produce articles, and they are all paid by the word. Third query: Isn’t this? The answer to that is no because you’re going to fully rewrite the paper using AI software. You won’t use the same article; instead, you’ll take it and input it into an artificial intelligence program; this software will then completely rewrite the article using the notion of the original. Even though the topic is the same, the content will be quite different. You can receive payment via bank transfers if you don’t reside in the United States. All of the websites I’m about to show you accept bank transfers for payment.

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You’ll find 320 websites in this Post that allow you to sell articles. You have 320 websites that publish news items daily. You have fresh chances each day to send them articles. They will accept it the following day if they didn’t the day before. Payment options include PayPal and bank transfers (if you have a bank account). If you have a PayPal account and live anywhere in the world, you can be paid by these websites. You can copy and paste the script I’m about to give you. Although it would be beneficial if you could modify this little, you are free to use it exactly as is. The end of this Post will provide a link to Upwork. There are 3,573 writer jobs available on this website, so you can simply apply and start earning money.

These websites pay $1 or more for each word you write, and I’ve compiled a list of 320 of them. When you browse at the company, you’ll notice the name of the website, the topics they’re looking for articles on, their email contact email, email format, how to pitch them, and how to submit your article. I’ll walk you through each step of how to acquire an article and submit it to one of these websites. By the time the Post is over, if you pay close attention to everything it says, you’ll be prepared to start earning money. Jstor is the website I’ll be using. I’m going to use this link to open the contact form at[1]us/?from_url=/.

Google News article submitting

I’ll be directed to the article submission form. I need the article first, therefore I’m going to return to Google News before submitting anything. The following article categories are accepted on this website: language and literature, history, economics, and political science. As soon as we return to Google News, we’ll get an article. Since “Economy” is a topic under “business” in Google News, I’m heading to the top section here, where it lists the many types of articles. I’m going to click “Business” and navigate to the business sub-niche called “Economy,” where I’ll search for an article that I enjoy and think is worthwhile.

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Keep in mind that the likelihood that they will pay you for your content increases with its quality. Choose an article, leave this page, and head over to You don’t have to register with this website if you don’t want to, but if you do, updating to the premium Quillbot version will increase the possibility that your post will be accepted because the AI version is better. Let’s say you prefer the free version and don’t want to upgrade to the premium version. Let’s return to our article, copy it, and then go to to use the paraphrasing tool. This button will paste the content for you if you click it and choose “Allow.” Once you are finished, click “Paraphrase” here.

After completing that, you can copy this and save it in a secure location. Use Google Docs as a secure storage location if you need a place to keep your articles. Before we go any deeper, I’ll give you some time to subscribe to the channel and give it big thumbs up if you’ve loved the Post thus far. And if you found this Post interesting and informative, please leave a comment below. All you need to do to find Google Docs is go to Google and type in “Docs.” This is the official Google Docs website, and anyone with a Gmail account may use it for free. Click the first website, then select “Blank” to start a new page. Now that you have Google Docs, you can just paste your information here without ever having to worry about losing it. Once you’ve pasted it here, double-check your content for errors because this is an AI and may have them.

Check it over to see if there are any uncommon mistakes, and if there are, you might want to modify it and fix it. You can also write some content yourself if you think you can improve it. You are welcome to use your creativity, but if you have read it and it is OK, there should be no issues. Now let’s return to the article webpage and copy that. I’ll simply post my script here before going to Google Docs to copy and paste the one I’ll use to pitch the company. Copy it starting here and ending here. Go back to the webpage after copying this section. Let’s update the script. I’m going to copy this section, which is my article. I’ll paste the article here where it says, “Give them the article.”

I’m going to now complete this script by adding the information that is missing. You should enter your name where it reads, “Hi, my name is X.” “I’m a beginner blogger and writer. I do freelance jobs for YouTubers that are too busy to run blogs, and I’m also very interested to start writing blog posts for bigger publishers such as X.” In this case, it’s going to be “Jstor.” “I would love to have an opportunity to showcase my work, and I have taken the lead to write an article for X.” Enter “Jstor Website” as the website’s name.

This is followed by the article. When the article is finished, “If you’re interested in having me on your team, it would mean the world to me. I’m very dedicated and willing to learn. if you have any constructive criticism about my article, please feel free to let me know. “Thank you,” “Best,” and then substitute your name for this X. The next step is to select “General Pitch from a Writer” under “Reason for Contacting Us,” since that is precisely what you are doing. All you have to do is enter your email address here, and they’ll ask you to respond to this question after that. “To prevent spam, we ask you to please fill in the color here. A panda is black and _____.” Just type “White,” as a panda is black and white, and that is what is missing. Enter your email address here, confirm that you are not a robot, then click “Submit.” That is only one website. As you can see, they will say “thank you for your feedback” and inform you that it may take six to eight weeks before your piece is listed.

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You can now start submitting your applications to the 320 websites on the list I just gave you, in addition to the over 4,000 writing jobs I also provided. Let’s now visit the Upwork website, where authors are being hired. As you can see, “Find the greatest blog writing jobs. You can simply browse at these jobs online, choose one that fits you, and begin earning money.” You can just check over these jobs and select the one that best suits your needs to begin earning money.

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There are 3,489 blogs that you can support and immediately begin making money from. If you don’t want to write the articles yourself, I’ll show you a hack. You may easily hire someone to write your article if you go to this website called If, however, you simply wanted someone to outsource the work for you and you didn’t want to use Quillbot or visit Google News, then this is it. Let’s go through each step again because I know this Post can become a little complicated. The first step is to open the “text file” and select an article website. Determine the content kind and niche that they desire.

Go to Google News in step two and find an article for them. Step three is to rewrite the article on Quillbot. Step four is to proofread the article to look for errors. Fix it if it has. Step five is to use the script I provided to visit the website and submit your article. And that’s it. If you love similar content like this, take a look at my other Posts and if you like it, please smash the like button and make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. If you have further questions, feel free to comment down below! See you in the next Post!
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