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In this post, i teach you how to increase blog traffic fast and free. 10 million website above Blogger and AdSense is also approvel on top of that. How much earning and how much ranking will have happened. How to get 10.9 million traffic, show you practical things. Contact is at the top of this website. You can earn enough by using contact. So monthly you can get 1 or 2 million traffic if not 10. Let’s start the video dude how you can get 10 million share. One thing tells you what this guy worked on and what catogories he used and what is the keyword. One thing tells you what this guy worked on and what catogories he used and what is the keyword. If he knows about this country, he will work on it himself and make it work. It will not be necessary to tell and teach you. Which website has 10 million views on blogger?

Which website has 10 million views on blogger?

It was a copy-paste work or it was my own article. Let’s start the video and before starting the video I will say one thing. If it is the first time on the channel, then you have to subscribe to the channel and press the bell icon. You will get the latest video only when you press the bell icon If you have subscribed to the channel but have not pressed on the bell icon, then you have no benefit because new videos will not come to you. That’s why after finishing make, you have pressed the bell icon. The status has reached over one crore traffic. Today’s traffic is 36241 and yesterday’s traffic is 71311.

So these months you have more than a million visitors. If it gets 700 views and more, then 10 lakhs of your traffic can be fulfilled. Last month there was a traffic of 14 lakhs. If it refreshes, it will fill something or the other, there is 36 thousand traffic here now. It has become 36508 as soon as it is refreshed, it has become more. Showing you with Levy Proof if its size has been reduced to show you. Showing you what data is inside the post with Leave Proof.

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No youtuber will tell you which country he is working in. Which catogorie is working on top and getting traffic. First of all you have to post the video then first of all you have to subscribe to the channel and press on the bell icon and press all button. If you do not press the all button, the next videos will not reach you. And how many differences have come on which post. This post was posted on March 26 and has received 569,000 views. It is about to reach 6,00000 views. It also has a traffic of 2 lakh and there are 16 thousand in it, 2 lakh and 60 thousand. If it is shown below, then there is a traffic of 3 lakh above it If it is shown below, it is not 10,000 or 20,000, the traffic of 70,000 is the traffic of 32,000. This post above has traffic of 8 lakh, here it is going to be 9 lakh. If it is shown below, traffic of 8 lakh is the traffic of 2 lakh traffic and here 1 lakh traffic. Here 2 lakh traffic , 1.5 traffic . And 22 thousands traffic here.

And see here 28 thousand , and 3 lakh traffic here , It means to say that there is enough traffic on top of each post and there is a traffic of 8 lakhs on top of it too. And look here too, there is a lot of traffic on each post. Shows you on the top of the search console, but before that, look here, there is a million traffic. In the last 7 days, the traffic of 439000 has come. If you go to the top of more this about, the list should be set to all time except seven days. If you are shown above all time, the traffic of 10.9 million is coming, that is, the traffic of 11 million has arrived. I also tell you how to get traffic on blogger. You have to watch the whole video, don’t skip it. If you scroll, show where the traffic is coming from. More traffic is coming from google and pinteres is also coming from google. If you search through Google, pinterest is coming up. Here everything is coming from Google and here there are links wagaira and it is all coming from Google. 10.9 million traffic is coming from Chrome and also coming from Safari etc.

Where is the traffic coming from?

And here the search keyword is ranking here facebook bio, fb vip ,technical and facebook account and everything is here. One crore traffic is coming here. If we talk about the location, all the traffic is coming here from Pakistan, India, Spain, United State, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Asia, Nepal, etc. I have told you everything from where it is coming and I will also tell you what the content is. Facebook vip account is like your website. If I show you the template, then go to the blog and show it to you, then there is also AdSense’s approval on it. I will let you know at the end how much will be the earning on the one whose upper adsense is approved.

If not, never again .A website whose upper chrome traffic has come, how much will its upper earnings be. I will tell you everything, there is no tension or issue. It is a completely normal template. It is a completely normal template. You will also find the link to the template if we go to the top of the post. So we come to the upper third post of this post. It tells you which one has more traffic so that you know. There is a traffic of 5 lakh 70 thousand above this post. Let me scroll down to give you an overview of what this post looks like. First of all this page is title here Facebook vip Account stylish bio || Facabook stylish bio. The post is ranking above this keyword and also within the Google search, let me know if it is ranking. The post is ranking above this keyword and also within the Google search, let me know if it is ranking. Enter this keyword on Google.

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After searching, your website is coming to the second place here. Facebook vip Account stylish Bio. If it is opened, then our own post is being opened here. Also ranking above other keywords || Facebook stylish Bio 2022 We also search for it on other keywords, here we search on Google. Your website is coming to the top for another keyword .And another one is coming. That means our website is ranking on this keyword. You can also rank it easily, it doesn’t have much compititoin. This site does close and shows well how much traffic is coming.

The number above also closes and here the title has come on the top. Scrolling down, here we have an add and below that is a little bit of content. There will be a content of 200 words on which you have to do SEO to rank your keyword. There will be a content of 200 words on which you have to do SEO to rank your keyword. And after this description, you have embedded the second post so that the traffic comes on top of it as well. If someone clicks on them, see traffic on them too, traffic has come on them too. It has given a link to another website so that it gets traffic on it too.

So, on top of that, there is a technical site with the name of Google AdSne. And this site also has the same content and Google Adsense approval on it too. Now let’s close it and its table of contents So many links have been compiled here so that they also get ranking in Google search. Again scroll down and come here title Facebook stylish bio . An image has also been placed so that traffic can come through this image. This is the same Satilish link, links to two posts have been given to it. This is a copy paste thing, there is nothing that is beyond writing and adding. In the beginning you have to write 5 or 7 lines yourself with your keyword. And you can copy and paste all the content. If I scroll down, there is quite a long article here, so it is ranking. The longer the article is, the more it will rank. What is coming on the last of the article, the related links of the post are also coming on the last. So that the traffic goes on it and after that if there is any problem or issue then comment. Comments are mandatory for you to get maximum traffic.

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The links of the post have come and just share this post here. There is only so much work, add is coming to the site and traffic is also coming to them. And the income here is also getting quite good, I can tell you that too. But before that I will also analyze the traffic on Google Search Console. If he talks after this .This is the blog .post domain of the blog post domain. On top of that I have seen a lot of traffic this is .not a .blog domain . If you show a website with blogs, it also ranks on Google. It gets quite a lot of traffic, but the amount of traffic it gets in a day, it gets traffic in a month. It doesn’t get much traffic.Blogs is fine on top of the spot domain. Here .Open the website with blogspot and show it, it is the same work, everything is the same. But it doesn’t have as good traffic as the .com domain above. From this one thing is known that to get more traffic and earning you will have to buy a domain. If it’s a .blogspot domain, you won’t get much traffic on it.

So look here too, there are Google adds here, add the Google .blogspot domain. Open any of these posts and show them that add is coming here. Google is fine. Look at the upper tail .blogspot is the domain. Now if you close the add and go to the top of the view of a single post, then see here adds the Google and here also add is coming below. AdSense approval is easily found on this website and Adsense approval is also found on .com.blogs website.

But the domain and traffic will also be less in it, so if you buy a domain with a domain, you will get the best earnings on it. So this is the website of our subscriber his name is Technical Zubair ok. If he has a YouTube channel, I will also share it with you. If you want to visit his website, you can search the name of Technical Zubair. If the traffic of Google Search Console is shown to you, look here the traffic is 10 million plus. If another interface is shown here, here are the total clicks coming from the last 16 months. There are 2.97 clicks through Google. An expression of 24 million has been found through Google. How much is earning per day through this website. Earning for days is 32$ in the screenshot here.

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It is not a whole day, talk about the day before yesterday. 57$ was earned in the previous day. Earnings of $151 are for one week. 297$ This month’s earnings are fine. 360$ here he had earned last month. So here they are being announced and thanks, Zubair Bhai K. Anho has reviewed his website. If you also want to review your website, you can do it, there is no issue. I will also review your site. I have told you which country was used and how much traffic came. I told you one thing which keywords were used. Google search console’s dashboard was also shown to you and Google Adsense’s earnings was also shown to you. Tell me one more thing, there could have been a lot of earnings. This person who is using the website has knowlege but he does not have this knowledge.

What kind of keywords to use to earn. There are many methods to increase Google Adsense earnings but this guy doesn’t know it yet. That’s why it doesn’t earn that much, but it gets traffic on the website that it has been known..  Two years ago today, he started watching my videos and created his own blog. Within this blog I have shown the blogger’s website. On top of which the traffic also comes, the advertising is also there is the promotion of Adsense. This guy has 8 to 9 websites on which he is earning from Adsense. So this is my subscriber if you are also my subscriber and follow my video. Give a little time and add your own content and you can earn. If you want to copy paste then do this content which not many people are doing.

Work on this dish that not many people are doing. In this way you can also do cooking. Now you have learned one thing and you can work on which dish. If you also use the same content that you can do as it is doing. You can find Satilash Vigira from Google only from there you can copy and paste. You have to write the lines which are on top and last. So that your article becomes a little unique, then you can also get approval from Google Adsense on this kind of content. He also has 8 to 9 websites out of which 5 are on the same category. And ranking on the top of the Google search. You can also earn enough by using this cetogorey.

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If you don’t understand, watch the video:  Video Link

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