EASIEST Way to Make Money as a Web Designer

Today I’m going to show you how to make money as a web designer with one of the easiest method you’ve ever come across.

now this may come as a shock to you but the easiest way to make money as a web designer is not by designing websites but by installing simple plugins on websites and then repackage that as a ready-made Solution by doing so not only will you bypass all of your competition and become the obvious choice but because this method is non-intrusive it makes it very easy to sell and you will be amazed at how many times people say yes to you. now with this method you can Make Money anything between 500 and a thousand dollars per sale and the beauty of this method.

is that there is an almost endless supply of people whom you can sell to hairdressers Barbers beauty salons fitness clubs Dental practices Tire Centers mechanics handyman Wellness industry piano lessons well you get the idea you can contact a lot of people and not for your services okay.

Earn $700 Day Copy Paste Method Make Money Online

Earn $700 Day Copy Paste Method Make Money Online

so first I’m going to open this method then I’ll show you how to find suitable clients then there’s a small check we need to run and finally I’m even going to give you the sales page to close those sales okay so step number one is to choose a plugin that has the potential to be turned into a ready-made solution so how do you know if a plugin is suitable or not okay so for this video we’re going to use booking press as an example so booking press is an appointment booking plugin now clearly a lot of businesses out there work by appointment and yet many of them don’t have appointment booking system on their website so that means that now you can offer that solution as a service okay so next you go on Google Maps and you type in your search terms.

so we’re going to look for beauticians for instance at the moment you know but you can again you can do this with anything it could be hairdressers Barbers it could be piano lessons or whatever you want you can go industry by industry you know so let’s start with this one here so as you can see in the results here we have this one blueware beauty salon this one has a book online button right there and the reason is because if you click on this you can see they are with schedule.com so this is why okay now let’s have a look look at the next one okay so let’s click on this one and there you go this is their website open this in a new tab very good so as you can see they have shop about testimonials and contact us brochures shop online and buy voucher.

so that’s basically the all they have it’s called on the page a contact form and there is no booking system on this website let’s try contact us yeah this is bringing us to that form so basically there is no booking system here so this is a great opportunity for us now okay so next we need to run a little check and make sure that that website is powered by WordPress so what you do basically is to grab the domain name here so just copy this Ctrl C and then you go to this website buildwith.com okay and then you paste the domain name right here and then look it up so now as you can see if you scroll down the page you have wwp rocket WordPress plugins visual composers so this is clearly a WordPress website so now we all said everything is perfect okay.


so now you’re gonna grab your phone and you’re gonna ring them okay and this is the phone page exactly the way you’re gonna say so this is called the foot in the door this is the first step you need to grab their attention Okay so there it is so you say hi my name is or replace with your name so hi my name is David I run a web agency based in Dublin I had a look at your website so now immediately in their mind they’re gonna go in defensive mode you know they’re gonna think oh is trying to send me something so this is how you Defuse The Situation look at this we say I had to look at your website which looks very professional I have to say and whoever designed it for you did a great job.

so with this sentence you’re gonna achieve two things first you’re gonna diffuse the situation and all also you won’t discredit their current web designer because obviously whoever designed that website for them they might have a long-term relationship they might know them for years they might even be friends you see so you don’t want to slack them or say anything wrong about them and then you carry on and you say now I notice that there is a feature missing on your website a feature that to my belief could drastically increase your income and revenue and then you say now if you have time I’d like to discuss that with you now obviously at this stage they should be curious enough to find out and now that you have their attention you can go to the next step.

so now you’re going to introduce a service so you’d say what I noticed that you don’t have an appointment booking on your website if you don’t mind me asking how do you currently take bookings so chances are they going to tell you well we take bookings over the phone and now you need to take advantage of that and emphasize the issue at hand okay so you say so I presume this is taking up a lot of your time every day just taking those bookings over the phone now the answer is most likely going to be yes of course it is taking a lot of that time you know and then you say now you can start selling the solution to them okay and you say okay well we have a solution that can be implemented seamlessly.

so that’s very important you know seamlessly on your website and customized fully based on your business model it’s a solution that’s being used and trusted by over 30 000 businesses worldwide so you need to build trust here and where do you find those numbers well if you go on the booking press website as you can see 30 000 plus users so you need to make sure that this is the right number obviously you know so clearly this is a solid solution and with it you could receive all your bookings online thus freeing up a lot of your time during the day so this is the solution to the problem okay and now obviously this has to be a short phone call you know .

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so you cannot start listing features and all that so let’s pick the main important ones all you’re going to say for instance this solution works with as many staff members as you have and you all have access to your own calendar and that’s it the phone call is almost finished now you’re going to give them the option to try it to see it in action you know so then you say now we have a full demo on our website if you want I can send you a link and you can have a look at it and I’m sure that you will be positively surprised by how well put together this solution is.

so that’s basically it you know that’s the last nail in the coffin after that you’ve fetched your email address you send them an email with the link to your website and the demo obviously and that’s basically it and then a follow-up call maybe two or three days later to find out how it went and that’s basically it after that you’re ready to go and close the sale and now all you have to do is to add that feature either on your website or build a demo website all together so they can test things out like this one and then as you can see this is a piano lesson and then click book now and there you go now they can test everything themselves you know piano lessons guitar lessons violin.

so we select piano lessons different staff members let’s go with Amanda let’s continue and then they will see here this is the calendar with the different dates and then we can select our time slot so let’s say maybe 3 P.M and there you go this is how you can demonstrate the features of this fantastic plugin very good so I personally think that booking price is the type of plugin that has the potential to make you a lot of money. Let’s try to Make Money as a Web Designer with this Method..

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  1. hi sir you are doing great job. GOD bless you. please make tutorial about if business owner (our client) not have strip or PayPal. how we can connect booking press wocommerce . because in your tutorial you guid about PayPal , strip payment gateway only. please


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