Earn With Moinitize your Telegram Channel/Group/BOT!

Howdy Everyone, Good News! Earn With Moinitize your Telegram Channel/Group/BOT!
Currently, Telegram users, groups and channels are growing very fast. One of the features Telegram brought in their 4.0.0 Version Update is “Advertising” means to bring your Chat Group + Channel Monitization Under. it was Beta Test Under this, they have been quite successful in this monitize feature, but the majority of users are not aware of these features.

Today will show how to officially monitize Telegram Channel / Group

Monetization Rule:
You can monetize your Telegram Channel, Group or BOT, each has different rules.


  • Channels Rule:
    – In case of Public Channel, there should be Minimum 2000 Subscribers,
    – If there is any illegal content or course on the channel, monetization will not start.
    – For more details visit: Official Site
  • Group Rules:
    – In case of Public Group, there should be Minimum 2000 Subscribers
    – For more details visit: Official Site
  • Bot Rules:
    – In the case of Bot, 1000 Real Subscribers will be required.
    – For more details visit: Official Site


  • Shift from Advertiser to Channel Owner, Click on Sign Up Button and Complete Registration
  • https://telega.io/channel Go to the site and add your own Telegram Channel (Fill up Description, Profile Picture, Channel Name properly)
  • Price List Setup Set UP like the picture below, and select Discount as you wish
  • All Set Up Complete, now Telegram will show your Channel/Group/Bots on the Advertiser’s Dashboard, as soon as it is accepted, mail or @telega_adv_bot You will get this message.

The advantage of Monitize on Telegram is High CPM, BD User will get as much payment as USA User, there are more huge benefits, you can understand while using it.

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Payment Withdrawal is through Payonner, Bank Transfer (India Only), Webmoney, Payeer

Withdrawal Rules at Payonner
Minimum 20$
System commission for withdrawal: 1.5%

Withdrawal Rules at Payeer
System commission for withdrawal: 2% (not less than $0.85).
The minimum withdrawal amount: $20

System commission for withdrawal: 4% (not less than $2.58).
The maximum amount of one withdrawal request: $500

This was the detailed information of Telegram Monitization, and if you face any problem related to Payment Withdraw / Channel Ads, please Comment.

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