Earn BY READING ONLINE FOR FREE NEW METHOD (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE) I am going to show you how you could be making ten dollars to up to fifty dollars every single 10 minutes.

yes I know you’re probably gonna be like how do you do that wait that’s not really possible yes I am going to show you how you could go ahead and make ten to fifty dollars every 10 minutes bye drum roll just reading emails yes I know it’s probably you know crazy right just reading emails and I make money yes I am going to show you the process but get your coffee get your drink whatever you need and follow me let’s go all right.

so I know the holidays are coming up and I know a lot of you probably need money to be able to buy gifts for your friends buy gifts for your family buy gifts for your wife your girlfriend your side chick nice inside check yes whatever whatever you have you would need money to be able to do all that stuff right and I am here today to show you a simple and easy way that you could follow if you get your computer and your phone but I would recommend a computer and you follow me.


so we go through the process so you can make the money so with this you would need a Gmail or Yahoo mail I would recommend a Gmail but I mean if you like to use Yahoo that’s fine I would not recommend you use your email that you use like your regular email that you use I would recommend you create a new account right so those of you who have never used uh Gmail or Yahoo before for the sake of those people let’s just go through the process right.

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so when you go to gmail.com they have an option where it says sign up or create an account if you want to create an account all you have to do is just put in your information your first name last name uh username that you want to use your password you confirm and that’s it that’s it you’re done you created a Gmail account if you want to create a Yahoo too all you have to do is go over to yahoo.com your first name your full name uh new email whatever email that you want to utilize your pass or your birth year and you continue.

and that’s it and this can be utilized anywhere in the world you can create a Gmail or Yahoo mail anywhere in the world and one thing that I want you to also focus on is if you’re in a country that the website that I’m about to show you if it does not work or populate in your country I would need you to use these two websites here it’s a VPN all right so you go to google.com and then the next thing that you do is go to nordvpn.com and I’m only showing you this because the holidays are coming up and I know you need money.

you can really do this even after the holidays so when you go to nordvpn it says Black Friday deal 63 off plus three months of free service so if you’re in India or any country that this service does not work for you on this website that I’m about to show you does not work for you because I know nordvpn works everywhere right if the website that we’re about to utilize does not work for you use nordvpn and you’ll be able to have access to it and then you’ll be able to make money on the site.

Get Paid Reading Books Online $500 For FREE

Get Paid Reading Books Online $500 For FREE

one thing that I want you to notice though that while utilizing this website you would need to have a PayPal account right you need to have a PayPal account because that’s how they do their payouts so you utilize it you read the emails you get paid utilizing PayPal I will show you and then we go through it all right .

let’s go over to the website that I’m talking about so the website that I needed to go to once you have your computer is paid to read emails all right so when you go to pay to read emails this is the interface that you see on here before we go through all the hullabaloo on how to get set up and everything else I need to go to scroll down right so when you scroll down it’s going to say why join pay to read emails the main reason why I would say you should join paid to read emails and make money this festive season or even after that is it says receive daily paid emails quick Payment Processing within 24 hours low 15 payouts they have literally made it very moderate for you where once you get 15 you can get your payout and make your money you’re not going to give me the money Earn BY READING ONLINE.

all right the next thing that says join an activate account. so once you join it says once you join in your activity account you will make three dollars extra sign-on bonus so all you need to do to get a payout is just twelve dollars do you already have three dollars once you activate your account so the rest that you need to do is just have uh what do you call it twelve dollars in there and you can get a payout all right Tech daily paid service you can take daily Service as well and get paid 50 to a dollar per survey and it says refer a friend and you can make money from that as well all right.

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basically it says sign up read emails get paid that’s it that’s the process all right so now once we have that squared away and you know what you’re supposed to do the next thing that we need to follow is how to get signed up for it so since I need to walk you through the process because most of you’ll probably be like oh Albert You’re just showing us stuff and you’re not showing the process.

I’m gonna go through the process with you so I’m gonna create a Yahoo account let’s create a Yahoo account all right it’s going to be Albert oh and then it’s going to be Albert o at oh at Yahoo Albert oh oh oh at yahoo.com I guess and password oh okay all right it created it gave me like a sample one right and I grade a password Here uh it’s not strong enough all right and I choose my birth year 1982. I’m just using anything I’m not Knight’s needs I’m not gonna tell you so I hit next and it’s gonna ask me for a phone number am I really gonna put my phone number in there I’m gonna put my phone number but I’m gonna blend.

so you guys don’t see my phone number I don’t want you guys contacting me right because if you should contact me just send me an email but I’m going to blur this part I’m gonna blare it so you don’t see my phone number but if by any chance if you don’t have a phone number that you could utilize to get that right all you can do is go to where we call Surf Shack let me go there for you serve Shack it’s a VPN as well surfshot gives you the option to have a void number which is a VoIP number that you can get a text message to I know I’m not supposed to tell you this but it does work utilize that and you can make money on the side with uh Surf Shack as well.

so once you get that code let me see if I got that code yet uh Yahoo uh wait why do you say somebody fill the tense all right Yahoo is just being annoyed all right I’ll do Gmail alright so I type in Albert uh uh and then username this is gonna give me one uh let me just say Alberto and then I’ll come here all right so uh it gave me this one so basically what I do is first off once I have that done I take a picture of it so I don’t forget it right so I’m gonna take a picture of this once I take a picture of this so I don’t forget the email that it gave to me and then I’m gonna go to sign in uh birth I’m gonna put something there it doesn’t have to be accurate uh uh wait 61 uh 81 let me just do 81 gender male hit next I’m gonna blur this part.

so you guys don’t see it please I’m gonna Blair the phone number so you guys don’t see it just for security purposes all right uh next or see if I I could go back and choose to not verify my phone number see I put my phone number there and I go to agree so now it’s gonna create that email for me once it’s done creating that email for me all I need to do over here is see it’s done the email is created.

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I didn’t have to do anything that took me like two seconds to do all I have to do next is go over to this here and go over to sign up I’ll type in my first name or I’ll probably type in data uh in 10 minutes basically and then primary email I am gonna pull up that email that Google gave to me if I want to see that email it’s gonna have it here I’m gonna see this email here and I’m gonna copy I’m gonna paste that email here that’s the email that I got password I’m gonna create a password pretty much the same thing that we’ll be following.

so once I create that it says sign up and get three dollars uh sign up and get three dollars bonus which I already spoke about right uh I’m just going to type in minutes it says last name I’m going to put minutes zip code I’m just going to put in any zip code uh seven or whatever I have read I agree blah blah blah guys remember like I said if you’re in a country that this does not work for you can use VPN not VPN so guys I am done setting up everything right it’s done literally done and the three dollars that I spoke to you about is literally right here you can see that three dollars right here you would think I’m lying but you can see it right there once I have this done it’s gonna say thank you your paid email is now active now how can you make that money it’s gonna give you several options says you’re qualified for the following great offers below you’ll see this only once sign up now so it’s going to say cash for offers Moolah days quick pay surveys in uh survey emails.

so you can utilize any of the ones that you want on here by going through them and let’s say we do cash for offers so if you do cash for offers it’s gonna redirection you go through that if you want to do more where you get the survey part right you click on service here here it’s going to give you several options it says ITC daily uh service you can get 75 five cents so the main reason as to how you can make the money on this website is this part says unlimited.

so for each survey you get 50 cents right you get 50 cents for each survey you can probably sign up for this and have your sister your brother your uncle sign up for this account and they can literally be there just going through surveys what are the answers are right or wrong who cares right you could be making money on the site literally just utilizing this and making money you can let your son know your brother your sister your mother Uncle cousin anybody they could literally utilize this and then they can be making money on the side for you it’s as simple as ABC to guys so I need you to follow this website and at first I’m gonna go over everything again.

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so first you created Yahoo or a Gmail account if you’re in a country that does not accept this use a nordvpn or surfshack and you can get it right if it’s asking to validate your phone number you could probably use the surf shop and use that for a VoIP number VoIP number you can get text messages and you’re good and you can validate that once you’re done get a PayPal account go to read to pay emails and you’re done pay to read emails you’re done you get through it you start making mone Earn BY READING ONLINE. I do hope that I gave you some great gems over here. thank you.

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