Earn $30/HOUR Doing Online Transcription Jobs From Home

Earn money by simply typing Online Transcription Jobs From Home . Well in this post, I shall give honest review about best paying Transcription websites 2022/2023. Everything is beginner friendly and as always you don’t need an office. Just work from home (“In the Bedroom”).

Earn $30/HOUR To Transcription Jobs

Did you know that you can make good money online by just writing what you hear? And I don’t mean being a content writer or being a freelance writer. Well I’m talking about being a transcriptionist. There are a bunch of transcription companies out here that try to connect you with other people who want their  Post or audio transcribed into text. What they’ll do is that, they’ll send you a  Post or and audio file that they want transcribed, then your job as the transcriptionist is to type what you hear and send it back and get paid. That’s literally what transcription job entails.

There’re some professional transcriptionists out there that are making $300 per week, by just doing transcription jobs on some of the websites I’m about to show you. Good thing about these transcription jobs is that, a lot of them are accepting people internationally as long as you can speak English. All you just need is a laptop and you don’t need to show up in an office. Also you don’t need much experience or skill to work. You should be able to understand English and be good at typing. Today in this  Post, I’m going to show you 5 different websites where you can go and start becoming a transcriptionist and make money real money and no clickbait. What’s up my people I’m Candice Aviva and in this  Post, I’ll talk about 5 best transcription sites that you can make money while at home. Getting started At number 5 we have Rev. It is accessible at Rev.com. This website will pay you to convert speech into text. And as you can see here, for Audio and  Post Transcription you’ll be able to earn $1.5 per minute.

For English closed captions, you’ll get paid $1.5 per minute and for globally translated subtitles, you’ll get paid between 5 to $12 per minute. This is actually a great way to earn as a transcriptionist. But it is not going to be specifically $1.5 per minute. The amount they actually pay freelancers on this site can be checked on this page here. So just scroll down below the web page and click where it’s written “Become a Freelancer”. So once you click on that, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll be able to known the exact amount they pay their freelancers. As you can see on this page, the website has a flexible work schedule. Which means that you can work as much or as little as you want from anywhere.

start making money is to take a quick quiz

You’ll also be able to choose from hundreds of jobs available on the platform. Another thing I like about this site is that, payments for completed jobs are made weekly via PayPal, which is amazing. Scrolling down a bit, you’ll be able to see that for Transcriptionists, whose job is to listen to audio or  Post and accurately type what they hear, they’ll be able to get paid $0.3 to $1.1 per audio or  Post minute. And to work as a Captioner, where you watch a  Post, type what is being said and also sync audio and  Post, you’ll be able to get paid between $0.54 and $1.1 per audio or  Video minute All you need to do to start making money is to take a quick quiz to prove your English or grammar skills, submit a transcription sample for review, and you get approved, you’ll be able to register and start making money.

One good thing with Rev is that, you can get paid even higher amount of money if you speak foreign language as well. You’ll be paid between $1.5 and $3 per audio or  Post minute to translate foreign languages. Now what are some of the advantages of working with rev.com. Number one is that, the company is trusted by over 750,000 users globally. The site is legal and it’s trusted by legal companies like Skadden, LegalZoom and Jones Day. It’s a good site for education and is trusted by Arizona State University, Stanford University among others. Another thing is that, media companies like CBS, PBS and others rely on it’s workers to get accurate information. Rev will pay you weekly via PayPal.

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And one thing you should know is that, many people are looking for jobs and so it could be the reason why your applications might “longer than” expected, because they actually have to deal with big data of applicants. But you shouldn’t worry because they’ll always reach out to you via your email and give you instructions. Rev is a global site and literally anybody from across the globe can be able to work and be able to earn decent amount of money, and pay your bills or travel places. At number 4 we have SpeechPad. It’s accessible at speechpad.com. This site offers transcription jobs, subtitling jobs and foreign language translation jobs as well.

best online transcription tools for free

But what we are interested in on this website is the transcription job. So if you want to work on this site as a transcriptionist, you’ll have to scroll down below this web page to where it’s asking you if you’re interested becoming a transcriber. Click on Learn more and it’ll take you to a new page. And as you can see guys, you can earn anywhere from $0.25 to $2.5 per minute if you work as a transcriber. And you’ll get paid anywhere between $2 to $5 per minute if you work as a translator. And here they say that the pay is based per minute of the audio or  Post. Other factors that may impact your pay include audio quality, language among others. Speechpad pays it’s users via PayPal. So if you have a PayPal account, you’re good to go. Some of the advantages of working with Speechpad is that, you can work when you want, they’re no upfront investments just like I said, and you’ll be able to pick your own jobs and get paid on time. Speechpad have 24/7 worker’s support and they provide you with the best online transcription tools for free.

Apart from being captioners, translators or transcribers, you can as well apply to become a reviewer, and be able to review apps and websites and get paid. Now as we keep going guys, I would like to remind you to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed yet, like this  Post, share it with loved ones and leave your thoughts in the comments below about what you didn’t understand in this  Post. Okay now let’s keep going. At number 3 we have Crowdsurf. It’s accessible at crowdsurfwork.com Crowdsurf company also pays you to transcribe audio or  Post into text. One good thing about them is that, they’ll give you short audio or  Post clips to transcribe for them.

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They’re usually not long clips. To get started with them as we can see here, you’ll need to sign up first before you can join their community of crowdsurfers. Once you’ve passed the assessment, your new account will be created, and it takes between 3 to 5 business days before they get back to you. You can either get started in the United States or Canada, or start internationally, which means that this is a global site and anybody from anywhere across the globe can work with them. But most importantly, you have to be good at English and have good typing skills to be able to work with this site. English is the primary language which they want you to transcribe, which means that if you’re serious about getting started with this website, you need to have good grammar or English comprehension skills. Now if you head over to the application page under US or Canada, as you can see, you can either join as a company or an individual. When you move down a bit, you can see that the payments ranges from $0.03 to $0.2 per audio or  Post minute. However much they may pay less, this websites accepts you fairly quickly into the platform compared to Rev, and you can start making money much faster.

Of course what you’ll be required to have is a computer, a stable internet, basic typing skills, great listening skills, pass their transcription test and have a valid US or Canada ID card. And when you head over to international application page, as you can see, you can either join as an individual or a company. The payment is the same ranging from $0.03 to $0.2 per audio or  Post minute. The requirements are the same. You’ll need a computer, internet connection, basic typing skills as they have listed here. Now what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this website. One good thing about Crowdsurf is that when you work, you as well compete other workers from Amazon Mturk, showing you how serious the company is. Crowdsurf hires people from Amazon Mechanical Turk to work from them. One of the downside of Crowdsurf is that the competition might get stiff and that can reduce the payouts. When many people are working for crowdsurf including people from amazon mechanical turk, the payouts become minimum and that can be a downside.

At number 2, we have GoTranscript. It’s accessible at GoTranscript.com. They offer, transcription jobs, captioning jobs, translation jobs and foreign language translation jobs as well. As you can see here, their results are trusted by medical firms, academic institutions and business enterprises. GoTranscript supports over 60 languages globally with a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating. For you to start working as a Transcriber, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the web page upto where it’s written “Join us as a transcriber”. When you click on that, this is the page you’ll be taken to.

pay competitive rates for their transcription jobs

As you can see here, they pay competitive rates for their transcription jobs. You can see here, they pay upto $0.6 per audio or  Post minute. You can earn an average of $150 per month, and the top earnings they’ve ever paid out in one month is $1,215. GoTranscript accept payments via PayPal or Payoneer, and you can literally work from all over the world. The reason why they’d accept people from all over the globe is that, they have a bunch of different languages that people can work on.

Some of the advantages of GoTranscript is that you can work from home, Payments are made weekly, they have flexible working hours, you can choose your own projects and of course, they offer 24/7 support to it’s workers. If you scroll down the page, you’ll be able to see some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the site, and get familiar with it. Now guys coming at number one, is the best of the best sites to work on as a transcriber. This site is called 3 Play Media. Some people have been able to earn upto $50 daily with this site, and some are even making in between $20 to $50 every hour.

Once again in this site, you’ll get paid to do live captioning, translations and transcription to mention but a few. This company is trusted by over 10,000 customers globally including; oracle, peloton among others. They have integrations with sites like Amazon, YouTube, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Drive among others. For you to get started with this site, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the web page upto where it’s written “Jobs”. On the new page, click on “Freelance Transcriptionists Jobs”. Something cool about this is that, you can either become an English transcriptionist, a Spanish transcriptionist or just apply to be an English voice writer. What is really good about this website is that, it pays much higher compared to the previous websites.

People make $50 daily or even $20 to $50 hourly using this platform. The online required qualifications are; good listening and communication skills, internet access and be at least 18 years of age. One good thing is that payments are processed weekly. The registration is quite easy and usually you get accepted into the platform in about 20 minutes. What I saw as a downside in this platform is that, although they pay higher amount, the jobs are less because they charge their customers higher. When they charge higher, they’re most likely to have less jobs in the platform.

If you loved the content in this  Post, and the transparency I had to put in order to give clarity about these transcription job sites, you want to check the next  Post, which shall discuss other ways to make money online from home, other than transcription. Check in the description below I prepared a free Ebook for Remote data Entry Jobs for beginners. It’ll give you a clear glimpse on Remote Data Entry Jobs. It’s completely beginner friendly, make sure to check it out in the description below.

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