Cheap Unlimited Cloud Hosting Package at 4.99$ year

Today I’m going to show you in this post How to buy Cheap Unlimited Cloud Hosting Package at 4.99$ year.  it’s Limited Time Offer. and then Explain What is hosting? How to Buy International Domain – Hosting from Bangladesh and Install WordPress.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a web server where all the information of your website is kept. That is, your website needs a place to store videos, audio, images and content and this place is called hosting.

There are several types of hosting, the most commonly used hosting names are given below.

Shared hosting (Shared Hosting)

In shared hosting, many websites are connected to one web server. Here the hosting provider offers a package of RAM, harddisks, CPU for more than one user to host their website.

VPS Hosting (VPS = Virtual Private Server)

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting that uses virtual private servers. Which is more powerful and secure than shared web hosting and has all the features of a dedicated server with security protection.

A virtual private server (VPS) is created by dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server has its own operating system, memory and processing system, which provides more security, speed than other servers.

Cloud hosting (Cloud Hosting)

Cloud hosting basically makes applications and websites accessible using cloud resources. Like other hostings, the resources of this cloud server are not hosted on one server, multiple connected virtual and physical cloud servers host a network application or website, in that case there is no problem with deleting files, even if deleted on one server, it remains on the other server and Website speed is much faster than normal hosting. Cloud hosting services are becoming increasingly popular as they offer many advantages over traditional hosting services.

Currently there are many good domain hosting companies, especially the international companies provide very good support and facilities, but the problem is that when we want to buy domain hosting from Bangladesh through these companies, we have to pay through PayPal, Master Card, Debit Card. . So many of us can’t buy domain hosting from these international organizations because we don’t have a master card. But today I will introduce one such international hosting company. From where you can buy domain hosting at low price on offer and make payment through Bkash & Rocket for Bangladeshi User.

You can visit the website if you want; And you can buy the hosting package of your choice at a very low price. The link is given below.

Currently there is an offer running on this website where you just $4.99 Or cloud hosting for 500 rupees (Business SSD Cloud Hosting Package) Can take for one year.

Features you get in this offer:

Host Unlimited Website
Unlimited Cloud Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free CDN
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Databases
SSH access
WordPress Optimized
FREE Wildcard SSL certificates
Web Application Firewall
Anti Virus & Spam Protection
Malware Scanning
80+ 1-Click Install Apps
100% Samsung SSD Storage
PCI-DSS Compliant Hosting
USA Data center

And the best part is that the renewal price of the package is only 1500 taka and if without offer the renewal price of the package is 6 to 7 thousand taka. All things considered, this offer is presented as such offers are rarely available.

To purchase the offer package Click here. (Note: This is not an affiliate link)
Then click on BUY NOW from here.

I want to buy a domain name from here so I am selecting this option Register New Domain.

Note: If you have already domain then you are from here ( I WILL USE MY EXISTING DOMAIN ) Select the option.

I am giving my domain name and extension here. Then clicked on check from here.


You can see that the domain is available here. i’m from here ( ADD TO CARD ) Clicking on

from here (CONTINUE ) will click


from here (CHECK OUT) Click on


Fill up the form with the necessary information here.


Then scroll down a bit from here SHURJOPAY ( BD ) Select this option and (CHECK OUT) Click on


from here (M-WALLET) I will select.


From here you can select Cash, Bikash, Rocket or any other mode I am selecting Bikash from here.


From here you can pay with your BKash number, amount and pin number. But here I have selected with domain so my money amount is showing more. If you only select hosting, you will be around 500 rupees.


Shortly after payment you will receive a payment invoice and a confirmation email that your hosting has been activated. Open the mail and click on this link.


Login here with email and password.


Then click on Manage from here.


Then from here ( LOGIN TO CONTROL PANEL ) Click Hare


From here fill the form and click on complete setup.


We have moved to cPanel.


Now for wordpress install we have to scroll down a bit or you can search; And from here click on WordPress.


From here you have to select your domain and click on Install WordPress.


You can see that the WordPress installation has started.


From here you have to click on the first link ie your domain.


From here select English and click on continue.

From here click on install WordPress with site title, username, password and email address.


Click on Log-in from here.


Here you have to click on login with email password.


You can see WordPress is finished but installed.


  Buy Now:  –> Cheap Cloud Hosting Package

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