Best Way To Make Money Online As A Beginner 2023

hello everyone and welcome i want to show Best Way To Make Money Online that can make you 200 dollars today using youtube from a brand new youtube channel. earn you money in Nigeria using a phone. Just try these few websites to make money online.

there are several steps to these and the very first one is for you to create a youtube channel all you have to do is have a gmail account which by the way you can create free online and after that you log into your gmail account and now to create your channel all you have to do is click on your profile name or your profile image in this case.

so when i click on that you can see this is where my gmail account is opened up and then you can see create a channel now i click create a channel and it’s going to tell me to put in what my name is going to be either want to use my real name or i want to use any channel name i love then from there i can upload the picture now or i can do that later then i click on create channel and just like that voila the channel has been created and as you can see here the channel has nothing on it just practically the name.

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i used in opening it and then there is no video on it if i click on videos you see now to get the videos and everything you don’t have to create videos by yourself let me show you the next step step two will be to go to this website called and just as you go to you see youtube ads made easy what this is for is to tell you the youtube ads that have been successful on youtube and i can tell you this is not an easy feat you see different ads on a daily basis.

you don’t even know which one are people really clicking on and why are people clicking on them that’s what vidtao will do for you and to get started very easy just go to register which is sign up for free and after you do that then you can get into your dashboard this is how the dashboard is going to look like already signed in and then you’re going to see all different types of adverts on youtube into the millions now this is the next thing to do which is the stage three is to choose a niche where you will love to make this money in remember there are gazillions of niches health, education, sport, whatever niche.

you want you can choose now you can be more specific if you have an idea of what you want to sell or what you think you should track for example if i want to see which of bluehost video ads are doing well here i go to the search bar and then i type bluehost when i click on enter for bluehost you’re going to see all of the ads that have been made for bluehost and you can see the ones that are really working this one says view count is 6.7 million that’s how many times people had viewed these and then only yesterday it had 241.

to view this now you can open to see this video and what you will do is simple you are going to download this video let me show you the whole process all i have to do is hover around the image which you see and then i click on it and then it’s going to open up for me the real details but what i really need to see is see what’s inside the video.

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so i click on this youtube icon and then if i’m watching here you can see it’s popping up okay let me just pause that if you want to watch it on youtube you can see youtube icon here click on watch it on youtube so it takes you out of where you are to get it on youtube and the reason why i like this is so that you can download it easy but to download this easily what you have to do is look at the url here there is a link here now to just download directly you see www dot before the exact youtube types in you put SS there then you click on enter and it will take you to the page to download that video directly just like that.

so you don’t really need to do much and just as you can see it has opened this up in another tab so that you can download it you can see the download option it’s just 15 seconds i click on download and see it on the bottom left hand side of my system now you may want to ask me in african giant this is another person’s video am i going to make money from that won’t it be copyrighted if i upload this on youtube what am i going to do blah blah blah blah blah blah no no no we are not on youtube on this particular scenario to make money from advertisement or from 1000 subscribers or 4 000 watch hour that’s not why we’re here we want to make money straight up 200 every single month by using the same strategy on one single video and that’s what we’re here for.

so let me show you how that is done the big deal here is whatever you are downloading in terms of adverts you need to look for the affiliate links to that i hope that’s clear if you now want to check out how do i get free links for affiliate especially if you’re in africa where clickbank is banned where digistore24 is banned then there are some wonderful wonderful websites that will see allow you to do this for free without paying anything let me show you six of those number one on it has virtually all the most important companies in the world and they are all here all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate and then you get your affiliate marketing rolling getting links to whatever products you want to promote second is on just like share sale as well is the same process lots of them i use all of this platform myself and they are open to everybody in the world these are worldwide platforms is another platform this is also a very huge affiliate marketing marketplace you too can make a lot from it just sign up with cj affiliate.

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i have two more to show to you next is on is the same process you can log in as an affiliate get free signed up and you can make money by promoting all the products on warrior plus as well there is more you can go to on selling with us is more easy because you can reach out to millions of people and we pay millions of top performing affiliates you can also use jvzoo as this i hope that is clear and if you are wondering all of this platform i showed you is the only people they receive no you have a lot of them receiving payoneer.

so if you think i need paypal compulsorily you don’t need paypal, Jvzoo accept payoneer impact without payoneer share sale assessment virtually all of them would accept you to withdraw your money through pioneer which you can open across the world just as you can as well go to giant and i tell you this particular website pays 20 commission on everything you sell from software to courses to services and everything in their marketplace.

so you can also do this and this place in naira by the way if you are in nigeria this space in naira wonderful, but then if you are still not satisfied that you need more how do you go about it just go to google and type any niche you are in that you want and put affiliate marketing there so for example if i put fashion affiliate programs on that then i can set that on google and voila it’s going to open up and then you see a lot of websites talking about is if i click on that to open up and then you see you can get a lot of them using this principle and then you can register on them individually and they let you get links i hope that’s clear enough.

next will be what i call for you to re-purpose the video you’ve got we already know the video the video we downloaded from youtube is just an ordinary video but what i usually do and i’m telling you this is not compulsory is to add value to that video before you post some people are going to post this video directly which i’m not saying is good or bad it’s 15 seconds it can go but i usually add a bit of flavor to my own videos to give value.

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so i can title it directly without audiences knowing that i’m actually selling something or the background that is what makes the difference how do i do this i simply go over to canva is a free website for all over the world and i can tell you this is the best website as far as i’m concerned and then you can see the template of videos just type videos in the search bar and it’s going to pop this out to you.

so you can just choose any one you like it doesn’t really matter just choose anyone and you can get into the video templates that you now want to edit and just like that what i do next is to go to my upload and i drag and drop what i already downloaded from youtube and then from there what i do is i click on the add pages which is the plus sign here and then i drag and drop the new videos onto that particular page you can see that i don’t want you to keep playing then you can drag this to expand to fill in the pages for full.

so you have a full page of the same video just like that but then like i said this is the main video here i have this new template here on the right which is the only template i opened with with canva then i can edit it to something i call statistic approves for example if i am going to use bluehost like i just did then i could say what is the statistics of people using websites in the world you understand that so you’re going to build something interesting around the topic that you want to sell the product that’s clear so in this case what we do next you go over to google typed website owner statistics.

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so if i fashion fashion statistics and then you can see these are the ultimate list of online business statistics so let me just open this to see what’s there look at this in 2021 there are 5.1 billion internet users on a daily basis this is a wonderful statistic then all i have to do is just copy these and then i go back to my canva this is how you’re going to copy each one and then you see you go back to canva and then i start building up this particular one here.

so i go to elements i click on these lines and shapes and then i start building up what i want to write and then from here i go to text and i add text to these so just like that you see i just put it there and i created the first one and then i move over to second page i create the second page and then i just create that as an opening then after i created the opening then i linked together with it the original one which i downloaded from youtube and when i finish these all i have to do is go to share and then you can see download with mp3 and then you click on download both pages and then it downloads.

so now after that is done we will not do the final lap of the process which is go back to our youtube channel which we have just created by the way you can customize the channel by adding images if you click on customize channel now and to do that very simply it tells you this is creator studio you say continue and then here you can see it allows you to add your branding images to these on branding if you click you can upload a new design you can you can upload channel art images and all of that and just like that after upload you can just go to publish and you publish the particular channel as this will give more value to your channel just like you see it’s coming up you can use better images.

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i just use this for the purpose of this tutorial now it’s time to upload what we have nearly downloaded you see a button here with a plus sign then you see click on on that then it will tell you to either upload or go live you click on upload image and then you can upload the new video that you have just downloaded.

so here is saying either drag or drop or you select the files i have the files there i can just drag and drop it to upload and just like that is uploaded then i have to add my title okay now the title is going to be something around the statistics of people online so i can just put this like internet statistics for website owners now that looks well and then maybe i add 2022 to it in the description of the video.

you have what you’re supposed to write which is the link to the affiliate marketing products that you are promoting get 30 of bluehost with my link and then i put the link to that particular affiliate here this is what most people are going to click and then after that you have to choose a thumbnail naturally a thumbnail is going to be generated for you automatically.

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so you can just leave that all alone and then you click on next it’s not made for kids you click no it’s not made for kids and then i click on next so just next next next you get to publish and then go to the video itself on youtube go ahead…
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