Best Ad Network With Instant Approval – AdSense Alternative

Best Ad Network With Instant Approval. In this Post, i tell you best google adsense alternatives for website with instant approval.

you want to earn money without Adsense? In this post, I am going to share with you higheast CPC ads network. This network which provides you add is similar to Google AdSense approve. If you find Adsense ads on your blog which is found on your blog, this add is through the network. So you will also get earning and I will show you by doing practical. How do you setup add on your blog? Here you will also get approval and here you will be shown practically. So let’s start the post dude and you had adds on top of the add how to google with your blog.

Instant Google AdSense Approval on Your DOMAIN

How to attach, how to enter codes, how to get approval and how to add payment method. So let’s start the post, but before showing the post, I will tell you one thing that is said to you in every post

the site link

Go to Site  and press the singup button. You will get a display like this. You have to register your account here by providing your email domain name and password here Copy your domain link from here and paste it in the center space here.. Enter your email here and set your password. Through which you want to login and while giving the domain you have not given HTTP here.

In this way you have the term and condition i have to press on the red accept button. Now all you have to do is copy the code from here and go inside your blogger platform. Now after that you have to go inside setting and after that you have to scroll down. You get to see ads .TXT and there is monotization here, allow it and here it is.

Come here and paste it and press the save button. Your work as a blogger is done here. If you want to do it on WordPress, you have to visit your WordPress site. Here you have to install the plugin with the name of adds .txt. After the plugin is installed, the settings here have been added, TXT is fine. Here you have to click and paste your program here. I don’t want to go here so I’m not saving here. After pasting you have to press the verify button here.

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After processing, you have to put this code below the head, see this code. From here you have to copy and paste it here on top of your blogger You have to come within the theme. Click on drop down button and here click on Edit HTML button. This is the header tag, below it you have to paste and save it. If you’re looking to do it on WordPress, you’ll find plugins here.

Insert header and footer after installing it. You have to paste it below the code head tag. And save it from the bottom, I’m doing it here on Blogger, so I’m doing it here. And here you have to press the validate button. And here your registration has been successful and you can’t log in from the phone here, an email will come above your email. After some time you will receive email above email. Here you have to click on the link and here you will get home, you have to login here.

Here you have to enter the email you had entered here and set the password and press the login button. When your account will be created, there is another link above your same email, if you click on it, then all your code will come here. You have to paste this code and you can use this add above the header and your footer. I will tell you how to do that. You have to copy this code.

After copying, you have to enter the layout and here is the add on the top of the home. Now you can display add wherever you want to display it. Paste this code here and save it. Here you can fit it and use it inside like what was done at home. But I don’t want to use it inside the fitter.

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Now the second add comes here, the site bar comes where it will be used. Copy this code from here and add it to the site bar inside the layout. This is your site bar area. I want to show this add in the site bar, here I pressed the edit button. And paste this code in place of the content here and press the save button. And if you want to add show, paste this code in place of the content in the HTML and press the save button. And after saving here is the inconstant add it has to come on top of it. That means you can use it inside the content post.

Copy it and paste it into the post. After that you go to compose view button. After that you write here ADD CODE. After that you have to go to your HTML code that above you have to write here add code. Here it has become yellow, remove it from here and paste the code here. Then pres update button. Now your add code has been installed, now come to the top of your blogger. Now your add code has been installed, now come to the top of your blogger.

Let’s see here whether our add-ons will start or not. Here an add has come on the top of your home.ADS the google . These adds are Google Adsense adds, an add you will see in the site bar. And the second also came inside the site bar because we were using both inside the site bar. An add has come here, sometimes its interface is like this,

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so there is no issue. You are getting to see this top add. Now let’s look inside the post to see whether the add show is happening or not. Here add is being used inside the post and add is also being used on the site bar. Two add is being used inside the post. Adds have started coming in the footer here. In this way, your Google Adsense add blog can start coming up. Now we see in the dashboard how much the earnings have been. It’s brand new, it’s just numbered, it’s upper zero earning right now. Earnings are also available here. I will tell you how to withdraw the earnings. It is similar to Google Adsense, you have to add a payment method for earning. How to do that you have to come inside the profile.

Here you will ask for your payment details, here your email will come and here your domain will come. Here there is a free domain and here P has to see that the company is individual, then it has to be made individual. Here you have to give your content email. After adding the details, you have to press the next button and then press the conform and continue button.

Now I will tell you how to add your payment method here.I will tell you that too. Here you get the payment method wire transfer and you can withdraw through the bank through cheque. Here is to add bank account through wire transfer. What currency you have to use here, we have to use dollars, here you have to add your account. Here you have to give the IBAN number, give the CNIC number, give the phone number, give the SWIFT number, give the bank number and give the address of the bank. Branch name and bank city name write here here You have to add all the details asked for here. And press the next button and see here all the steps are completed here.

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Here the payment method is done Now, come here to the earning section, as soon as the earning happens, you will withdraw. I hope you have seen holinga app add network approval how you will get. It has to be attached to your blog. If you like it, please like the post now. Because one of your likes, I get new posts like this. Comment below the post to tell how the add network is.

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