7 Ways to Make Money Using Google

in this post i want to show 7 Ways to Make Money Using Google. you use Google every single day it’s free it’s convenient and it’s literally the most popular website in the world well inside of this post I will show you seven different ways that you can use Google to make money online without actually having your own website and without actually selling anything and also without investing a single dollar so everything that I show you today is absolutely free it has nothing to do with Google ads or whatsoever so literally anyone can use any of these 7 different ways to make money with Google whether that’s gonna be by searching Google literally just by searching on Google whether that’s gonna be by leveraging Google translate and Google Docs and all the different apps that are around Google I’m gonna show you seven different ways to make money online.

so drop a like down below and let us begin with an option number one if you make money with Google and that is you go to Google itself and find businesses that are trying to rank and obviously any type of business around the world wants to rank higher on Google if someone searches for barber shop in New York obviously if you have a barber shop you want to be at the Top If you’re not at the top of the search results if you’re like on the third page of Google no one is really gonna find you so you’re losing a lot of customers and your competitors are getting all the customers and making all the money while you are losing a lot so you’re gonna do everything just during higher on Google like ranking high on Google is extremely extremely important for these businesses that they have their websites listed out there and there’s hundreds of millions of them.

Make Money Using Google Translate $30 EVERY 10 Minutes

Make Money Using Google Translate $30 EVERY 10 Minutes

so whatever whatever city in the world you can think or whatever business you can think of whether that’s a barber shop whether that’s a coffee shop or that’s a Cookie Shop whether it’s a gift shop whether it’s a gym a dentist whatever that might be a chiropractor it doesn’t matter you can search for that for example if I search for barber shop on Google and it’s going to show me some of the nearest barber shops around me now obviously what I personally do like what I did when when I wanted to get a haircut is I searched for a barber shop and I just saw which ones are at the top I obviously selected one of the first ones and then I went there and I’m now going there every three or four days so they’re making a lot of money from me but I’m obviously not going all the way down to the bottom and then going to like the fifth page with Google or or whatever like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling like they did in updates there’s not third floor to fifth page of Google but it was like you can scroll infinitely like nobody’s gonna scroll that much.

so obviously you need to rank as a business you need to rank higher but don’t worry you don’t need your own website for this and you don’t need to rank hire yourself but what you can simply do is you can sign up for one of these tools that help people rank higher on Google these SEO tools like for example mangools is one of them you don’t have to spend any money on it you just go to mangles.com and because this is a tool SEO tool that helps people rank higher on Google you can just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website you can join the affiliate program which is going to pay you for referring people that have websites and businesses listed on Google so you can refer them and get 30 commercial lifetime commissions and actually earn passive income or whatever they spend on the website and obviously if it helps them rank higher on Google they’re gonna keep using it because they’re making money off of that they’re getting a return on that investment.

so as you can see average monthly payout is 400 bucks but if you refer more people you can make more money if it’s like 30 lifetime commission per person and they pay like a hundred dollars per month that means thirty dollars per month per person you refer 100 people that’s three thousand dollars a month in pure passive income all you gotta do is refer them once and they’re as long as they keep on using the platform you can keep on making money so you can just sign up as in affiliate grab your affiliate link and then start reaching out to all of these like businesses whether it’s a barber shop around the world you can just email them in most of the cases you’re gonna find their email address on the bottom of the website.

so you can find the contact details you can email them you can explain to them how the tool works and just give them your affiliate link so they can sign up rank higher on Google and you’re gonna make passive income off of that the second way you can make money on Google is by helping those businesses those physical businesses with their social media you see a lot of people who run those businesses whether that’s a restaurant whether it’s a barber shop most of those people don’t really have a time for social media but because they’re not present on social media they’re missing out on a lot of potential they’re losing a lot of customers because that’s one of the best ways to promote your business one of the best marketing tools out there but because they’re busy they’re running a restaurant or a barber shop they don’t really have time for that but still they are missing out on a lot of potential.

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so what you can do is you can just sign up to a tool like social pilot you also don’t have to spend money on this you can just go to socialpilot.com and you can scroll down to the bottom and then you can join their affiliate program which is going to be over here and you can get 20 reoccurring revenue for every customer that you refer so you can basically just sign up for their affiliate program then go back to Google search for different businesses to see if they have any social media accounts if they’re not that active and trust me 90 of these people are not active on social media you can just Reach Out explain to them why social media is so important and just give them your affiliate link so they can sign up to socialpilot.com which is going to do all the work for them.

so they don’t have to actually spend time on social media socialpilot.com is gonna do it for them so that’s the second way that you can make money with Google the third way that you can make money with Google is literally by searching and as you can see you can search and click on websites and get paid five to ten cents per click so you can just go to serbclakes.com this is like a sales page for different companies and Brands and what they will do is they will pay you to search for different websites on Google so what you can do is you can just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website to become a clicker so that’s how they call them.

so you can just go all the way down to the bottom you can click on become a clicker right over here and you can see you will be earning a minimum of 5 cents expert click so no application is required you will be paid through PayPal and you do need a Firefox extension so what you can do is you can just click here to get started sign up for free and it will give you different websites to search for so they will just give you a phrase like search for this and then click on this website and all you gotta do is scroll and find that website and just click on it and that’s it and you get paid 10 cents five cents per click so you literally just search Google and make money now obviously this will not make you a lot of money like the previous methods or the next method that we will talk about but it’s still a great way to make money literally by searching on Google method number four for making money on Google is to use different freelancing platforms and provide people with Google related services.

so you can use websites like climber upware people per hour there’s a lot of different freelancing Platforms in fact if you search for Fiverr alternatives on Google you can find like 20 different websites where you can sell their services and the more websites that you use the more money you can make because obviously the more clients you can attract so you can just go list your services on all these different freelancing platforms anything that’s related to Google if you go to fiverr.com and you search for Google you can see that there’s literally 50 thousand services available right now and people are making a lot of money like for example this person his service starts at three hundred dollars and he has gotten over a thousand sales in fact if we open this up you can see he actually has 13 000 feedbacks and not every single person will live a feedback and also when someone signs up for these Services they just keep using them month by month so they don’t always leave a feedback so he probably made a lot more than 13 000 sales at an average price of let’s say four hundred dollars that is a lot of money he made over a half a million dollars at least just from this one single service on Fiverr.

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so you can complete all sorts of different Services whether that’s Google ranking whether that’s running Google ads for someone whether that’s optimizing their website for Google like SEO optimization whatever that might be people will pay a lot of money for that because as you already know they’re they’re running different businesses they’re running a barber shop or a restaurant or whatever and it’s gonna pay off even if they rank a little bit higher and they get a little bit more customers because you’ve held them rank higher on Google it’s gonna pay off tremendously for them and that’s why they are willing to invest so much money whether that’s 200 300 four hundred dollars a month for them that’s nothing you’re running a business it’s probably making over ten thousand dollars a month and if they’re ranking higher they’re gonna make even more than that .

so obviously it makes a lot of sense for them to invest in these services in these Google services fifth way that you can make money using Google for completely free is to open up Google Docs already docs.google.com and start writing an article now you don’t necessarily have to write it yourself what you can do is you can use this bot called chat open chat.openai.com so this is chatgpt basically what you can do is you can ask this AI bot this is an absolutely free AI bot to write an article for you.

so what I recommend you do is as this bond to write an article about a certain subject for example can you write an article about how to lose weight fast and then what this article will do is because you give them instructions this AI bot will actually write in an entire article for you it will pull up all the different it will do the research for you pull out different articles and combine all of that and create unique content which you can then use and I’m going to show you exactly how.

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so as you can see it already has are writing an article for me and what I can do in a meanwhile is go to ClickBank which is an affiliate Marketplace and because it’s affiliate marketing you don’t have to create your own products Service website or anything like that you literally just find a product to promote you grab an affiliate link whenever someone buys through that link you earn a commission so you can just sign up to clickbank.com and then you can find a relevant offer.

so for example like I went through health and fitness and then dieting and weight loss as you can see diets and weight loss and then I can find it from products to promote for example I can promote this smoothie diet 21 day rapid weight loss program that is gonna make me 27 per sale and all I gotta do is press promote enter my nickname over here and then just click on create a hop link and that’s going to give me my special affiliate link if someone clicks this affiliate link they’re going to be taken to the sales page where they’re gonna be sold this product about weight loss and fitness and I’m gonna make 27 dollars per person so what I can do right now is I can grab this article that AI bought this this AI bot has written for me I can just copy that I can paste it inside of Google docs .

so I can paste it like this of course customize the text and everything so I’m just going to remove the background on this one and then just between these lines you can create a call to action that can be for example click here for the best way to lose weight fast or lose weight in 21 days or something like that like check out this rapid dime whatever that might be and then you just copy that entire article and then you can just share it on a platform called vocal dot media which ranks extremely high on Google this is a platform where people come to share different stories and articles and blog posts and different subjects and what you publish in vocal.media is going to stay forever online and also when someone searches for a certain topic it might actually show up really high on Google.

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so you can just create a story over here in this case that that story can be for example about how to lose weight fast like you can just type in lose weight or how to lose weight fast whatever that might be just aim through your own keywords in the title so I’m going to type in how to lose weight fast and in here you can just paste your entire article that was once again written for you and then you can just create this call to action you can make it bold and then you can just insert your affiliate link from ClickBank so just go back to ClickBank you copy or affiliate link and then you can just insert it over here and you can share it on this on this website which is being visited by millions of people every single month plus this individual articles can rank extremely high on Google.

so if someone were to search for how to lose weight fast they might actually see this article now obviously how to lose weight fast is a very competitive keyword but you get the point you can actually create articles on all the different subjects whether that’s dating a lot of relationships Fitness whether that’s business crypto Finance whatever it is you can just create an article attach an affiliate link inside of the article and just share it in vocal.media and the last way that you can make money using Google is by using the Google Translate app.

so you can go to Google Search or Google translate and you can actually translate different languages for example if I want to type in something in English let’s say for example I want to say hello in English I can translate it to French or Spanish or any other language and I can see exactly how I’m supposed to say that like for example in Spanish it’s Ola so what I can do right now is I can go through a CP marketing platform called the CPA grip and CPA stands for cost per action so it’s a little bit different than affiliate marketing because we with these offers you get paid regardless of whether someone buys something or not all people need to do is in most of the cases just submit their email address and you are going to be paid for it.

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so you just want to register an account and then you want to log into your account and then on the left hand side of CPA grip you will be able to access offer tools you want to go to my offers on the left side and you can find different offers to promote and you can also just select the country so for example I can change the country to so instead of promoting like English speaking offers that are only for the US market I can for example promote something that’s in Spain so I can promote Spanish offers and I can see what these offers are about because I have Google translate so I can just translate this and see what the offer is about.

so I can just go back and I can just paste that text here and I can see what the offer is about it’s going to translate it to English and once you understand that I can properly promote these offers in different languages on different platforms I can drive traffic through different websites including Pinterest including Ember Facebook maybe there’s a lot of different ways that you can drive traffic in different languages because you can translate those offers using Google Translate so yeah those were seven different ways that you can use Google for completely free in order to make money online as a complete beginner I really hope you got some value out of this post.

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