5 REAL Ways to Make Money by Downloading Apps

Are you looking for 5 real ways to make money by downloading apps? Then this Post is for you. I’ve tested hundreds of different ways to make money online and many viewers have asked me to make an updated list about the best ways to earn by downloading apps. And in this Post I’ll show you my top 5 recommended ways to earn this way and I will also explain more about exactly how it works and what you realistically can expect to earn so you do it with the right expectations.

So before we go over the five options I want to show you, let’s first go over how it works and a little bit about what you can expect to earn. Because I have seen some Posts with crazy claims claiming that just by downloading apps you can earn hundreds of dollars per day. But that’s not how it really works. Posts that claim that are either just saying whatever to get used or they haven’t tested it themselves. Or apps that claim that in general they will likely end up scamming you.

So do not believe that you can easily make a full-time income by actually just downloading apps.

How it really works is that there are different platforms

5 legit ways where you can do this.
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you can join for free the options I will show you are all 100% free and then you can download different apps often you then have to use the apps for a certain number of minutes or time or reach a certain level, and then you will get a reward into the platform you download it from. Then you can take that reward out as cash or gift cards or crypto depending on the platform you’re deciding to use. And all the five platforms I will show you they definitely do pay. I’ve been paid by all of them many times so I know they work.

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You can just join one of them, all of them that’s completely up to you depending on how much time you want to use. Just be aware that some of them offer the same offers but you can’t download the same app take the same offer on several of the different sites so just be aware of that. It’s not as such a prioritize list because which of the options are best that really depends on your personal preferences and your country you live in. But let’s now get to the list. So the first option I want to show is called Freecash and this is a get paid to site with a lot of different offer walls. And here you can go both in the featured offers or often you can find apps you can download here.

Or you can go to the different offer walls and they have a lot of offers. And the reason why I like Freecash as a way to earn by downloading apps is that the apps you download on the offer walls they give some of the highest rewards for these app downloads. And you can see often they even have extra bonuses for some of the different offer walls. And then it also has a great leaderboard contest so if you do this often and you end up on the leaderboard, you can get some really great extra rewards and then you can cash out in cash via PayPal or cryptos or choose between a lot of different gift cards.

And you can join from more or less all countries and you only need to earn around two dollars to get paid depending on the payout option you choose. The next option is called appKarma and this is itself an app also so you download that but then inside it you can get paid to download other apps, mainly games. But it also has some other offers so often n it offers different offers than some of the other Platforms in this Post and if you like playing games this is definitely one of the good options. It also pays quite decently and it has a very low payout threshold if you want to get paid in PayPal cash.

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In some countries you only need to earn one dollar to get paid and you can join for more or less all countries. And if you join through an invitation link usually you’ll get 300 points as a joining bonus but I have a special VIP joining link that will give you 500 points joining bonus. I will leave that link below. I’ll leave links to all of these platforms below so you can find more information about them and join the ones that you decide to join.

The next option is called PrizeRebel, one of my favorite sites also. Because it’s so easy to use and it has a lot of different paid offer walls where you can find these apps you can download you just need to then live up to certain requirements. And then you get rewards. And if you just choose carefully there are some really great rewards you can get here and then you can get paid in cash via PayPal or choose between a lot of different gift cards. Next we have SuperPayMe. And SuperPayMe is also get paid to site and the reason it’s in this Post is that it has one of the biggest selections of offer walls that I have seen of the top recommended get paid to sites. And that means that you can find a lot of just different paid offers but also these different apps you can download.

And it also pays quite decently and you can join from any country and it has a very low payout threshold. You only need one dollar to be able to cash out and it even offers instant PayPal payouts. And no matter what payout option you choose, you can also choose crypto or gift card or skrill so you can see or wise. Actually they’ve also started offering that I just forgot that but they have an eight hour payment promise. So that is the longest it will take for you to get paid when you request a payout and in my experience it usually goes a lot faster.

So definitely also a great get paid to site. The last option I want to show is called Swagbucks, one of the most popular get paid to sites because it just has many different ways to earn and in addition to earning by downloading apps, you can also take paid surveys, you can search online, you can shop online, it has all kind of paid offers. And what’s unique about that is that it has the different offer walls where you can find apps you can download. But sometimes it also has specific Swagbucks offers where you can earn by downloading apps. So definitely worth checking out there.

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You can join from more or less all countries. Just be aware that how many earning opportunities you will get really depends on the country you live in. On Swagbucks you will find the most opportunities if you live in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Ireland, or Spain. But you can join from other countries also and you can then get paid already when you earn around five dollars depending on the payout threshold you choose and the country you live in. And it offers for example PayPal cash payoneer and many different gift cards.

So as you can see if you want to earn money by downloading apps then there are some great options. You just need to do it with right expectations. Don’t believe any of those claims to say that you can just download this app and then earn 200 or whatever or 500 a day. That’s not how it works. These sites instead work the way that you do need to use the apps for a certain number of time reach a certain level and things like that, and then you will get the reward but you always know which reward you get before you do it just one note is that when you do this you need to make sure you don’t have some kind of AD blocker or something like that on your phone.

Because then you can’t track that you actually downloading the apps and then they won’t pay you so make sure that you don’t use anything like that when you take these offers. But if you’re looking for a way to earn a bit extra on the side, all of these platforms are definitely great opportunities. I’ve been paid by all of them many times I will leave joining links below so you can easily get started with the ones that you choose to get started with. But no matter what I’m I hope this Post helped you won’t miss out next time there’s a Post with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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