4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit

Today, I’m going to show you up to 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit. And do this without any investment whatsoever, and, from anywhere in the world. But first… No, you can’t earn money directly from Reddit. Although, there are currently talks for future plans of doing just that. The CEO of reddit, Steve Huffman, claims that he foresees a reddit with a monetization approach similar to that of Twitch, where users can earn money on the site from each other.

Ranked as the 16th social media platform with the most active users on the planet on Wikipedia, and 19th on the global scale of Social Media Networks on Similar-Web, Reddit is a powerful network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. Reddit dot com, or more popularly known as just Reddit, is one of the most popular websites in the world, attracting almost 2 billion visitors every month. Currently, reddit has over 430 million active users on its platform, and you never thought there could be a way to make money with this?

Well, think again! However, despite such a massive audience, Reddit still maintains a relatively low profile compared to some of the platforms it outranks in terms of traffic, such as; Quora, Discord, and LinkedIn.


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For now anyway, monetizing Reddit involves using communities to find money-making opportunities. And that wouldn’t take too long since Reddit has more than 100,000 communities, called sub-reddits. They span across just about every topic imaginable. Music, fiction, horror fiction, Random thoughts and questions, videos of amazing people doing amazing things, and so many more.

Our focus today however, is around the sub-reddits where users discuss and share ways to make money online. Communities like r slash Work Online or r slash Freelance provide opportunities to talk and learn about many different ways to make money online. Let’s take a quick look at a few specific sub-reddits that take a more focused approach. The first option of the 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit; is a sub-reddit called slave labor.

Cut price work by redditors, for redditors. R slash slave labour is a community where you can find small tasks that pay very modest amounts of money. Over here on the right side of the screen, we can read the write-up in the about section, which serves as the description for this sub-reddit. Get jobs done well below market rate. Any task can be completed here for pay. Find casual online work. Earn a few dollars here and there completing small tasks. It will soon add up. The Slave labor sub-reddit has about 297 thousand members as at the time of this recording.

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Scrolling through the page, you would realize that the tasks included in this community range from anything on data entry to graphic design, writing and much more. Although the focus is on simple, low-paying tasks, Slave Labor can be surprisingly helpful in the right situation. It’s similar to other micro-tasking websites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, just in the form of a Reddit community. Members can post work opportunities if they’re looking to hire someone, and those who are looking to make money can bid on those tasks or post their availability and what they have to offer.

The bidding is a simple functionality of the sub-reddit, and you can bid directly on posts if you’re interested in the work. Although the pay on slave labor is titularly intended to be meagerly, it is still higher paying than most other micro-tasking websites. Just ensure to read the pinned post by the moderators of the group on the job bidding process so as to avoid engaging in activities that would get you banned.

The next option of the 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit; is by joining a subreddit called Beer Money. Unlike the likes of Slave labor, Beer money does not offer you jobs, rather it’s a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. r slash Beer Money is a very active community that’s perfect for finding easy ways to earn some extra money, up to a few hundred dollars per month from online surveys, sign-up bonuses, paid reviews, passive income apps, and other easy ways to make extra cash. This community has over 1 million active members. You can adjust how you see posts from the bar right here with the labels; Hot, New, and Top.

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There’s also another option when you click on the 3 dots, it’s called rising. Select anyone of them and scroll through the page. And the best part is these little hacks and tricks to make money online are never ending because there are always several new posts per day. In addition to finding opportunities, the discussions in the Beer Money community can also be helpful. Oh! And you can create a thread to ask your own questions and get help from the community as well.

Another option of the 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit; is a sub-reddit called Signups For Pay. Although possessing a relatively lower group members then the previous 2, the 77 thousand members of this community are actively looking to sign-up for something in return for money, or pay people to sign-up for something for you. The little twist to this is that most of the offers posted by community members provide an additional incentive on top of the sign-up bonus itself.

For example, this post right here from a user called haha underscore sound – offered of a 125 dollar to sign up for a Discover credit card. The bonus from Discover is 100 dollars while the user is offering an additional 25 dollars for anyone going through their referral link — presumably because they make more than 25 dollars for the referral. This is one tremendous way to make money quickly, but you need to be careful of a few things while using r slash Signups For Pay. The community does what it can to prevent spam and fraud, but you may or may not get paid the money promised to you by other users. Be sure that you’re not violating the terms of the services you’re signing up for.

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Earn $30/HOUR Doing Online Transcription Jobs From Home

Also note that some offers may be ethically questionable. Most of the offers are simple signup bonuses with added incentives, but if the poster asks you to do anything questionable or deceptive, you’ll need to use your own judgment. The final option of the 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit; is a sub-reddit called Hire a writer. Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money online, but finding clients can be challenging. The 76 thousand member on r slash Hire A Writer is essentially a perfect job board for writers at various levels of experience.

Clients can post opportunities for entry-level, general or advanced writers. Writers can also post their availability and areas of expertise. On Hire a writer, All posts must include a pay rate. You’ll always know how much you can earn from a project, and you won’t waste time applying to jobs that pay below the rate you want to make. Minimum pay rates also exist with entry-level jobs paying at least 5 cents per word, general jobs 10 cents per word, and advanced jobs 15 cents per word. The community is active, although there are currently more posts from writers looking for work than posts from companies looking to hire.

Still, there are plenty of new opportunities posted, and it’s worthy of your time if you’re a freelance writer or an aspiring freelance writer. And that’s it! 4 Simple Ways To Make Money on Reddit.

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