11 Ways To Make Money With Your Website

In this Post, I show you 11 different ways on how to make money with your website. I teach people how to make their own WordPress website and how to monetize it and in this video, I give you an overview of the best ways on how to monetize your website.

First of all, you can offer a service on your website, and when people make use of your service you make money. That is an obvious way to make money online, but I also talk about other ways. For instance by using Google Ads on Your WordPress website. Or by using Affiliate links. Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to make money using your website.

How about sponsored ads where people ask you to place their ad and you can make a custom deal with them for showing their ad on your website. Or sponsored content. People write a guest post on your website where they give value to your visitors and at the same time promote their own products/services and pay you money for them.

You can sell products on your website. Like merchandise, skype sessions, digital products, physical products. Or sell courses using one-time payments or recurring payments. Or sell your website/community as a membership so people have premium access to your community.

You can let people donate to you through your website, build an email list, grow your email list and let people buy things on your email list so you make money. Or flip your website.

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And now let me show you 11 ways how to make money with your website.

The first one is obvious, you can use your website to offer a service you promote. So if I go to Google, I can search for a photographer. In New York, I don’t have photos for my company. So I see this over here, I skip the ads. And then I can go to this link, James Smith hair photography. And this guy gets his Yes, milk boys to create income from his website. But I want to go to the services and I’m searching for business and cooperation portrays. So what he does, he uses his website to show what he offers. So nice picture over here, a picture like this. And I think hey, I want this, I want this for my own company. So he uses his website to convince me to make use of a service.

And I think this looks beautiful. So scroll down. Yes, nice portrays, I think I want to get in touch with this guy, I want to say, I can get in touch with him through the phone or through email. And now I can make an appointment with him. He can offer me the service, I pay him money. And I get beautiful pictures for my company. So in that way, he uses his website to make money by offering a service. That’s the first one the obvious one, let me show you 10 different ways and how to make money with your website. The second way is through Google ads, you can place ads on your website.

And based on the information that Google has from your customer, they can place the perfect ads on your website. So if someone is searching for bras, bras, and they go through a website, even your website is about racing cars, they can share still show ads about bras or other things that person is interested in. How can you sign up, you go to ads that Google has come I get this question a lot. How do you sign up for Google? Well make sure you have a good website, it’s it’s looking great.

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You get a few visitors per day. And you make sure you read all the terms and conditions and you apply those in your website before you sign up. When you sign up a apply all the terms and conditions you should be able to get an account and then you can place ads on your website. If it’s thorough about it, you can find it over here. And then you can place them on your website. So if I go to certain websites, let’s say soccer news. Okay, what do I see over here to buddy boss app, I’ve been interested in buddy boss since I created that store about it. And now they say you can get at, I’ve been buying things at Gu blue Dutch website where you can buy stuff. So they know how to find me, I’ve been in contact with this guy. And now I see this all the time on my website here again, again.

So based on what I’m interested in Google ads, shows ads to me. And you can implement this into a website using Google ads and what you can do, you can even let Google Ads decide where to place the ads on your website. So that’s really interesting. The second way on how to make money online is using Google ads. And it’s a great way you can make a lot of money if you have a lot of visitors. So what you need to do is offer a lot of value about certain subjects you’re interested in, and then that way help your visitors. And then when they click on the ad on your website, you make money is through of numbers. The more people you get on your website, more people click on your ads to more money you make.

So that’s the second way let’s talk about the third way. affiliate links. If you go to my website, Ferdy Corp comm and you go to a certain tutorial how to make a WordPress website in one hour. What you’ll see over here at the right is an affiliate link, get your free ebook about expert secrets, a really nice book if people click on it, look at this here on top, you see an affiliate ID that is mine. And the great thing about affiliate marketing is that this company, Click Funnels is doing all the hard stuff.

They’re trying to sell you this book, look at this beautiful Post, there’s this guy talking why you should get this and it’s totally free, except you need to pay for the shipping. So it’s free, well, it’s up to them. It’s worth the money. And now when you buy this, you go to their email system. And then they start sending you emails. The goal is they teach you a lot of stuff for free on how to make money. But then they talk to you about all the software they have, and they want to sell the software.

If you buy the software, I get money as an affiliate. So first, you leave your email address over here, your email address, then your address, you get the book, you get excited, and then they start emailing you about all the stuff they offer you. So when you buy things through my affiliate link, even though you buy things that are not only this book, but other things, I get money and that’s a great way to make money with affiliate link, but elsewhere have the 30 Day Challenge and how to sell your own course or how to sell other people’s courses, make money with it. When people buy this through my link, I get a commission Elementor, beautiful page builder for WordPress when people buy Elementor Pro by clicking here, you see my affiliate link my campaign so I can see what kind of campaigns are converting better.

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And people buy this over here through my link, I get a commission. So this is the third way how to make money with your website using affiliate links. There are few areas you can sign up for multiple affiliate programmes. For instance, Click Bank comm you can sign up. But if you search for something on the internet, so let’s search for healthy food. Or Dr. Furman Yes, Dr. Furman this guy this man is doctor. If you click over here, Dr. Fuhrman, you can get recipes, a few for free a few costs money. And if you buy the programme, it’s costs around $1 per month, you get a lot of recipes. So a lot of failure, what you can do, you can scroll down, search for affiliate. So almost every single website on these these days that sell something has an affiliate programme, because then you can promote things on your website. And they only pay your money when you make when they when your visitors make a sale when you make a sale.

So there’s no risk for that. So you can sign up over here and get maybe 30% per sale. So that can be $3 per month per person that signs up. So if you have a big website about healthy food, he plays that affiliate link on your website, and people buy it, you get commissions, and you can start to make money with affiliate marketing, which is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to make money these days, I really like it, I hope you do too. The fourth one is sponsored ads.

So this is an ad over here actually an affiliate link ad, this also but all there, but there are also people that are gonna go to you telling you, hey, if I can have my link or my image like this on your website, you get a certain amount of money, you can you can talk about a certain fee per month, or a fee per 1000 impressions or per click, or per amount of clicks. So you can have sponsored ads so they can go. So people come to you, hey, you have a beautiful website about food, I have a beautiful food block with a membership. And I want to tell people about it.

If I can place my advertisement on your website for six months, I will pay you $1,000 or $20,000, depending on how many visitors you get. So that’s a fourth way on how to make money using sponsored ads. Then the fifth one sponsored content, I get a lot of emails from people that asked me, Can I write a guest post on your website, because then I can give people value. And at the same time, bring them to my website because I talk about how to have a healthy lifestyle.

And then I come to the conclusion. And I say that this book is amazing. And when people buy that book, I make money. So if I can post this on your website, so you will be found on Google through those keywords and old stuff, I will do all the hard work, I will write a blog post for you on your website. And how much money do we want to have for that. So that’s also a way that people can write on your website. And then people are also willing to pay money for that. Because when people read those blog posts, and they buy the book, or the thing they offer in their blog posts, they get money, so they’re willing to write blog posts for a lot of different websites.

So there’s also a way on how to make money, let other people write content on your website for money. Another way is by selling products on your website, it can be that you’re a celebrity or a famous YouTuber or whatever, you can sell merchandise. So maybe have a certain phrase every time you you create a new Post you say what is up people so you can have a nice line of air what is up people and then borrow name something like that, and people that are related to you or people that are really fan of you want to wear that somehow that’s that’s just how it works.

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And then you can sell on your website. So another way on how to make money through your website is by selling stuff, it can be anything, it can be merchandise, it can be close, closes a lot of times merchandise, it can be nice glass of water without water, but then a nice sticker of you doing something like this. Whatever people are willing to buy it, but not only merchandise, shoes, you can sell Skype sessions, you can sell counselling, you can sell a lot of things, it can be digital products, physical products, it can be a service, it can be private session through zoom or Skype, the sky’s the limit. So another way on how to make money using your website is true selling stuff. I’ve tutorial about that on how to use WooCommerce to sell stuff on your WordPress website. And that way you can monetize your website. The second one selling courses, you can sell courses on your website and when people buy that you make money and you can help them with a certain subject.

So for me, I teach about how to make your own website so I can create an in depth course. So this course will be in total 10 hours while it’s maybe a little bit crazy to create an event On uploaded on YouTube that is 10 hours. If you want me to do that, let me know. But what you can do, then you can say, Hey, do you want in every Post I make about WordPress, I can say do you want to learn more? Do you want to become better and making websites and how to deal with clients now to raise your, your, your set your pricing pricings how to become a better negotiator with a prospect clients, then I have a special course for you, you can buy it on my website.

So people go to 30 Corp COMM And then over here, I can say the ultimate web design agency or something like that, or I place it over here, people click on it people can buy it, I have a course is called the affiliate marketing course at GM. So I can have a link over here like, Hey, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, they can watch the free training, you need to leave your email, instead, leave your name in what’s the free training in the free training, I teach you about affiliate marketing. And then people can buy it. And that course is $997. And exchange, they get a lot of information that’s going to help them to make a lot of money on the internet through affiliate marketing.

So that’s also a beautiful way how to make extra money. This is also besides affiliate marketing, my second favourite way, because first, you’re helping other people to know what you know, and how to apply things that you have learned maybe the hard way, so so they can become successful with what you teach. And at the same time, you can make a lot of money with it. And it’s kind of passively because people can buy it course when I’m asleep. Of course I offer support and all that stuff. But it’s a great way to make money through your website by selling courses, you know something, or you can even learn something through lynda.com, or it’s called LinkedIn learning these days, you can learn a tonne of stuff through YouTube Posts, organised in a beautiful core.

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So people can learn from start to finish, how to make a website, how to make money, how to become a great developer, how to become a 3d artist, and you can teach them that. And then you can make money at the same time. And since it’s all digital there, you can scale it up like crazy, you can hire a few people that become your support, man, it’s really exciting subject, I love to learn more about this and then become better in selling my course because I’m not selling it.

All right now because I’m not promoting, it’s only through this Post. But um, that’s a way to make money. Let’s go to next one. Next one is a little bit similar, you can sell a membership. So I’ve a different website, it’s affiliate marketing services COMM And this is a community website. So people can learn about affiliate marketing or about passive income. And they can place things they can share things they can ask questions are what I also can do, I can make this a paid website. So people need to pay money in order to be a member of this group. So I can make it a one time fee of $199. Or I can make a monthly fee of $27. For $27 per month, you get to learn the newest stuff about affiliate marketing.

And in that way, if 1000 People will be a member, that will be $27,000 per month. And I think there’s also a great way to monetize your website, if you do that. Keep in mind that you really need to be, oh, wait a minute, I’m not in focus anymore. When people are a member of the group, make sure the content is relevant. The your people are teaching new things. And the community is active because people are not willing to spend $27 per month if the community is not alive.

So be the front runner of that group or, or hire someone that is making an active effort active every day. Because you don’t want people to pay money. If the community is that, and by the way, what you also can do, you can also combine it like a course with a community and then they pay a certain amount of money per month. And then if the community is maybe not dead alive, but the quality of your course is really great. And that’s great. Still a great way for people to spend money every month for you. And you can have that way nice way of making money online. The ninth one, sometimes people send me an email like, hey, I want to donate to you.

Can you help again? How can I do too, because you helped me so much. And normally I say if you buy things through my affiliate links, that’s enough for me. But if you want to make extra money, maybe have a beautiful course about writing about a beautiful subject that’s helping a lot of people. And you want to give people the opportunity to send your money to PayPal or something like that. That can be done through PayPal. There’s people asked me, for instance, and then for a slideshow name. And then that way, you can make a simple link. And then people can pay you money through PayPal. And there are different ways but yeah, one of the best ways is using PayPal for that.

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You can also use a lot of different websites like create a donation button. PayPal, PayPal donor box so you can you can sign up for something like that they get a small profit of what you get. And that way you Make it easy for people to donate money to you, if you’re doing something great on the internet, there are a lot of beautiful nice people that want to do that somehow.

So if you want to do that, you can have a donate button on your website, and people can donate, you can make money through donations, the 10th one, this one I really like you can have an email list, you can build an email list with people that are interested in a certain subject. Let me show you. For instance, if you go to 30 corporate COMM And people want to get free layouts for websites. So they go to templates, they go to elemental, 30 corpse comm they leave their name, they leave the email address, and they do that I get them in my email list. And they get access to all those free templates that I create for people that are a member of this website elementalauthoritycorp.com .

And I have around 50,000 people and that list. And then Elementor comes with a pro version. And the pro version has discount sometimes. And then they can send an email to those people. Like if you don’t have discount for Elementor. So the thing they’re already using, they already use Elementor because they sign up for my free templates. If I email them, like Hey, guys, the next 24 hours, there’s a beautiful discount, sometimes 2030 People buy it, it gives me at least $25 per sign up. So there was a time I made around $5,000 In just a few days. And that’s crazy. So I give them value, I grow my email list. So if you go if I go to ConvertKit I use ConvertKit for that I have to do about it is four years old.

So I should make a new one. Look at this people sign up every day. Sometimes people unsubscribe when I send a message, this just parts do, I cry a little bit and then it’s okay. And then you can send those emails and and people can buy a lot of things at once. And what also helps when I create a new Post that is Elementor related, I can send an email to the group and then they can watch it and that helps me to rank my Posts better. So an email list definitely a great thing. Great way to make money, what you can do, you can also give away something for free.

So an ebook or a beautiful Post that you created that you give away for free in exchange for the email address and then when there’s something something interesting you can send it to them and that can be something that is paid and it can be an affiliate link when they click on an affiliate link and they buy the thing you promote and can make a lot of money so the third one was an email list and then the latest one you can sell your website maybe if a beautiful website about food food blog. I am food block I am a food block okay really nice. So except all this stuff so look at this there are I think yeah a lot of recipes a lot so people go to this website maybe he monetize it somehow. Yeah, overhearing monetize so on every base I think you will see this banner over here and that’s you see is from Google ads. Because again, I see things that I’m interested in except this guy but he somehow Yeah, Divi is someone knows to it’s called only presence. He’s everywhere on every website.

I see his ads, even though I’m not interested anymore. So the Divi theme, I’m interested in that really nice way ggbs masterclass again, Elrick heck. So I think this beautiful, every page has a saying better, so I can see all this information for free. It looks delicious. He or she put a lot of work in it. Is doing this already. Or she since 2012 We’re talking about Stephanie Of course, this looks delicious. I want to learn how to make this. And then here ECS here ECS here ECS.

So maybe this guy makes or this girl Stephanie makes $30,000 per month with it? Well, $30,000 times, let’s say let’s say times three years. I don’t know I think you can sell this or if you would make $30,000 with this website. I think you could sell it for a million dollars. So if you’re like okay, I’ve done this for a few years now I just want to cash out and do something else they can sell it okay, do this go to flip out comm or flip your website there are different websites. So look at this study hat, how much profits $5,000 per month and 53,000 and you can buy it so if you buy this, after 10 months you will make profit. The question is yeah, now, of course you need to really do some research before you buy something because otherwise, you can lose a lot of money. But I can sell my website over here. Okay,

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let’s say you make $30,000 per month, you can sell this for at least $300,000. I would do it with my, I would not sell it for less than a million dollars because how great is it to make $30,000 Every month again. And if you don’t want to work on this and again, you can also hire a few people say, Okay, you like food, make pictures of your food, write something about it, let people know how to create and then create blog posts for me, I will pay you and that way you can still make $30,000 per month with his blog and maybe it starts growing again. So those were 11 ways.

First one point to a service photographer or a bakery or whatever. The second one plays s on your website. The third one affiliate links, sponsored ads sponsored content, you can sell products, you can sell courses, you can sell a membership you can accept donations, you can build an email list and you can flip your website I hope this was helpful. Let me know if it was let me know if it wasn’t helpful. And feel free to like this Post.

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